Central Banks to buy mortgage backed securities?

We all knew it would come to this. What’s the French for PFO? I hope this is just wishful thinking from the FT.

From the FT

is this in ADDITION to the ECB by any chance :open_mouth:

Each day I’m more impressed with the rationality and independent-mindedness of the ECB.
Whatever gripes people may have about the EU, we have to be thankful for such sound, stable monetary policy…

Yeah, the Fed and BOE squander away their currency’s value on bailouts for the financial sector.

But the ECB is running monetary policy for the good of everybody and not just a handful of super rich elite in Goldman Sachs and other investment banker parasites. The ECB is based on the bundesbank and its showing.

The Fed denies it:
calculatedrisk.blogspot.com/2008 … y-mbs.html

Of course, talking the market up isn’t a crime. Only talking it down is pursued.