CFL bulbs going up in price (you may want to hoard them now)

Awaiting the Eventual Return of the Rare Earths Market - Dave Gonigam -> … hs-market/

John Gormley couldn’t possibly have known this, could he?

Drat. It’s so not easy being green and it’s going to get so not easier…

CFL bulbs are best avoided, particularly near children.

Absolutely. Make sure you know how to deal with a broken CFL bulb -> Then try taking a broken bulb back to TESCO for disposal (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Not if he didn’t look. There were some arguments that CFLs were just a different, less visible dirty. Mr. Gormley brushed them off as begrudgers.

No, but if something looks like a magic bullet, it probably isn’t.

I suspect that within a few years CFL’s will be history as they become superseded by LED lights, a bit like the way cassette tapes replaced records before being overtaken by CDs.

And then LEDs will be superceded by Laser. … the-future

LEDS dont give decent light, and the more you try to make them do it, the less efficient they become. This is not the only paradox that affects them too though… … .html#more

I’m holding out until genetic engineers are able to splice my DNA so I can see in the dark, should happen soon 8DD

China certainly seems to be ruffling feathers lately, the solar panel industry is not happy … 7L20110921