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Of course, so does Ireland.

UCD has a branch campus in China

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RCSI with Soochow

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TCD thinks the above objection is silly:

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Ah but he hit a hurl!


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And so it starts…

Not just compromised chips it seems…

Can’t believe you swallow these stories JMC, until the major tech or banking interests turn their backs on China, stories like that are a joke for the plebs, just like the Hyper sonic missiles stories we were fed last week

An acctually interesting story, but we can be sure it has nothing to do with China or Russia, they would have been named by now. So who could it be, its all so very strange LOL

Only been following this kind of stuff since the early 1980’s, so not exactly new to the area. Remember the time the batch of DEC VAX mini computers smuggled to the USSR had their system software modified so as to introduce interesting floating point errors which the Russians did not discover for years. I do.

Turns out the Soviets checked the VMS binary on delivery but did not realize the CPU microcode was stored in RAM/EPROM. So could be modified at will. Only bit slice systems and some older mainframes did that at the time. The Russians using the smuggled VAX’s for economic modelling etc confirmed in the 1990’s that it subtly fucked up their work in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s in an economically damaging manner. Some of the Five Year Plan numbers were way off.

So nothing new.

There is a lot of very interesting stuff going on at the moment most which you would not have heard of. Like the fact that anyone who cares about security rolls their own SOC’s and custom ASIC’s. You dont buy anything off the shelf if you care about security and both the cell libraries and what is returned from the foundry is very carefully checked. This is especially true of any network hardware. Cheapo data centers may use x86 racks but watch carefully who uses ARM SOC’s and x86 core’s embed in multicores SOC’s. There is a scaling issues but its mainly a security issues. Those Intel cores maybe secure(ish) but its the NorthBridge.SouthBridge / support chips that cannot pass a rigorous security audit. Hence the big move to SOC.

If you know anything about security you read Krebs. And if Krebs is covering a story like that there is a very big ice-berg underneath.

So any day now the US will ban students from China studying in US universities, give me a call when that happens JMC

Its all kayfabe, bullshit for the plebs