Chain Mail

Just received this from a friend - it has been doing the rounds. Anyone here responsible? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe paste and forward on,

Hi Boys and Girls,

This is not a very nice mail, but something ye should know.

A first time buyer, a sister of a guy from here, left her apartment at 7pm one Monday evening and was last seen on cc tv leaving the Spar on Suffolk St a little later. She then disappeared and was found a year later in a shoebox a desolate new housing estate in the arsehole of nowhere. Her finances had been horrifically attacked and left for dead. Her credit rating is intensive care and may not survive.

I wont give you nightmares with the details and I don’t want to sensationalize it - I am only telling you because the police have said tha she must have either been dragged into a state-sponsored mortgage vehicle, or she may have naively gotten into this vehicle of her own volition, not knowing that 3 sinister figures - the Government, Property Developers and Negative Equity - were waiting in the back seat, ready to mug her. They are not putting the details in the paper coz she has two nephews who may be first time buyers in the future – they have been told that their Auntie was involved in a financial car crash caused by the Yanks, the feckin’ English and foreigners in general.

A Garda spokesman said “This sinister gang, who also go by the moniker ‘the VI Massive’ are a band ruthless of incompetents who will stop at nothing to prop up their interests at the expense of any first-time buyers gormless enough to think that buying a new property for €300k in the current financial climate is a good idea.”

So please please, before you get into a state-sponsored mortgage vehicle always make sure to have a good look at the driver, make sure there isn’t something sinister lurking in the back seat - make a phone call or pretend to say to someone on the phone you are not a first time buyer at all and are in fact due home in the next in 10 mins’ etc and always tell someone when you have made it home safe with your finances intact.

Honestly, this is not an urban myth, or a scary chain mail, it is absolutely true. So please stay safe and look after each other, and warn all the first time buyers you know to be careful of crap government offers in a crashing property market. X x

Ernestine Dogooder,
Financial Health Service Department

CONFIDENTIALITY WARNING: The contents of this e-mail and any attachment are the property of The Bin and intended for the addressee only.

Excellent and forwarded

It was a Pinster

@ A Random Walk

Guessed as much.Nice Work.

@ A Random Walk

Guessed as much.Nice Work.

Best thing I have seen since the Fingers Finglinton Jnr 419 scam mail :smiley:

I got this in the letterbox :unamused: