chance of non EU-national getting a mortage in next 2yrs?

I’m an Australian citzen living and working here in Ireland. I have been here for the past 3.5yrs and have a permanent position with the HSE. I have a work permit that will take me up to my 5yrs, after which point i can move onto long term residency and apply for citzenship.

I’m currently saving a deposit to buy a house (Single & FTB) in the next few years. However i’m also more than a tad worried about having my savings in Ireland (currently have them with Ulsterbank). Given that the banks are making people jump through hoops and do cartwheels to get a mortage, what do people think my chances are, being non-EU?

Currently i see my future here, even though things are bad and potentially could get worse. I’m not in Dublin and could afford a decent semi-d on around 2.5 - 3 my wage which would then still allow me to have savings and money to continue to travel. If i return to Australia, this is currently just not possible and having a house and being able to travel are important to me. However if people think i’ll have little chance of getting a mortage then i will probably transfer my savings to Australia - even though the exchange rate is crappy at the moment and i could potentially loose out if i need to transfer the savings back to ireland at least i know they will be safe.

So has anyone heard of non-eu citzens getting mortages recently?


I think job will trump nationality. Your job sounds like a winner. Dey tuk ur morgagees… :smiley:

For your own sake, I wouldn’t buy until you have permanent residency granted.

Why? Because of the possibility that residency wouldn’t be granted or another reason?

Processing time for residency is ridiculous at the moment (several years)