Change of Estate Agents

A couple of questions:
Do EAs pass on contact details of bidders to vendors as they receive bids, or only do so for successful bidder when sale is agreed?
If a vendor decides to change EA, is the original EA obliged to pass on contact details of any bidders to the vendor or next EA?

We made a bid on a property about 2 months ago at about 90% of asking price. There have been no other bidders. Vendor is holding out for more.
We are at our max budget.

The current EA is a small outfit, we bid on another property with them before and found them straightforward enough to deal with.
I have a feeling that the vendor may change EA.

Just wondering from any pinster EAs, (MR A?) if they now what happens if the vendor changes EA.

The EA never passes the contact details of the vendor, they will pass details of their solicitor to yours so that they can prepare contracts.

I Don’t know but I would doubt that they would pass on the details to an EA taking over the sale. Why do their work for them? There may be data protection issues as well.

I can’t see an EA giving the vendor details of the bidders as it cuts out the vendors need for the EA.

I can’t see the EA giving another EA details of bidders as they would effectively give the work they done to someone else for nothing.

Why do you care whether your details are passed on to a new EA? You just have to place your bid with the new EA whenever they are appointed.

Why to I care?
I might:
→ not mention I had bid on it with previous EA
→ bide my time before contacting new EA
→ when I do make a bid, possibly bid a bit lower than before

It probably doesn’t make much difference what I do, as I can’t / won’t be increasing my bid and vendor seems unwilling to come down.

Did the EA tell you that the offer had been outright rejected?

I’d call again and ask whether they were outright rejecting your offer and add that you are very interested but had reached your limit for that property and feel that you’ve offered market value as your offer hasn’t been bettered in over 2 months. And tell them that you need to know now as there is another property that you’re considering.