Charles Allen (Kilkenny Trust) - Preying on Debtors?


Why bother paying yer Jim Staffords €2k to go into a PIP when you can give €500 to one Charles Allen of the ‘Kilkenny Trust’/ ‘Rodolphus Allen Trust’ who will then take your debt ridden property into trust and keep it safe from them pesky bankers. The other aspect of this ‘Kilkenny Trust’ is that they may do a rentamob for you made up of the members on occasion. This is what heppened at a stud farm in Kildare recently, Allen rounded up a mob of members to assault the receivers who took possession of the debt ridden stud farm.

However, in the end, Charles Allen and his ‘trust(s)’ or indeed any sleeveen offering to put yoru debt into trust will simply take your money and you will be evicted anyway. The ‘Kilkenny Trust’ does not legally exist and has no legal standing, Charles Allen will be away with your €500 membership fee. …oh wait!!! :slight_smile:

Conor Ryan of the Examiner (A true stalwart of investigative Irish journalism nowadays fair play) has covered Mr Allen recently as has Karl Deeter.

I suggest you read both their pieces on the subject and be very afraid of any ‘Trust’ claiming to make debt disappear. In fact Charles Allen may well have disappeared already ( and with everybodys Money and Passports too it seems :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ) If 1000 debtors paid Charles €500 each he can hightail it to Spain for quite a while on that cash.

Read > … disappear/ … 42235.html


I went to school with Conor - nice fella.


And if Charlie hasn’t fled, he may find himself imprisoned for a while. … -1.1523347


Id love to be at the court where he explains to the August Judge Peter Kelly that his legal system trumps Peters.

A load of carachters involved in this Ponzi are associated with Freeman of the Land nonsense, say I 2 of the family pack. Unusually for scam artists they live in a make believe lgal mumbo jumbo world of their very own. Thet started in America a few years back as serial filers of false liens …some of which can be expensive to sort out afterwards. many states have made it an offence to ‘knowingly’ file a false lien thanks to the antics of these nutters. … mple_n.htm

pquote]National numbers on the scheme aren’t available, but the area around the largest city in North Carolina has been a hot spot. In 2011 alone, more than 200 bogus legal documents have been filed with Mecklenburg County by people claiming to be followers of Moorish Science, with another few dozen in neighboring Union County.
As long as a legal document is properly formatted, county officials have to file it alongside valid paperwork, according to Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds David Granberry. The content, however, is often outlandish and includes strange punctuation and capitalization or lengthy digressions about the 14th Amendment, the Constitution or maritime law.
“If we can legally reject it for some reason, we’ll do that. But as soon as they figure out how to correct it, we’ll get a stream of these documents because word gets around,” he said.
Having a bogus lien or deed legally purged requires the county — or the subject of the lien — to go through a potentially lengthy process that often involves hiring lawyers. A document with a $50 filing fee can easily end up costing the county $2,000, Granberry said.

The Feds also outlawed the frivolous liens. … e-liens-2/

The Irish variant has a trust attached and some moderately imaginative fraudsters involved. :slight_smile: One document they will wave at Peter Kelly ( to much mirth) is the Sovereign Cease and Desist. It is on Scribd for everyones amusement. … -Rev-FINAL

The notice expired March 2013, the dudes are sovereign now. And they have liens on some unencumbered assets too, fat chance of seeing them again. This scheme could be worth well into the €10s of millions for the perpretators.

The political fallout will be immense…because the government ‘let it happen’ even though it is a classic fools and their money scam really. In the aftermath of the bubble we are finally close to going Albanian. … jarvis.htm

We might need to keep the IMF around another while so. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Saying we could go “Albanian” somewhat contradicts your previous theory that urban property prices have bottomed and will increase from here on?


I dunno, I think they really believe and have no fucking idea what they are at, however much that will cost.

Ponzis have traditionally been defined as the investments from later investors being used to repay the original ones. But that aside, these guys are morons and the warning is deserving.




I honestly had no idea of the scale of this story until very recently, they have been running boilerhouses for months and in all the anti abortion nonsense the story never got back up to Dublin particularly from the rural southern half of the country where people have been boilerhoused into signing over assets ( including unencumbered assets) .

There are victims in every county in Ireland, primarily victims of their own stupidity I will aver! :frowning:


There is a High Court notice by the death notices in today’s IT which seems to relate to a Mr. Allen of Kilkenny and a Mr Gilroy of Meath who presumably are entirely unconnected to any freemen of the land that you might otherwise confuse them with.


Charles still has his freeman scammer mates raking in the punters to sign up to the ‘trust’ but they need to attend to the head scammer in Newry where he is hanhing around nowadays since the warrant was issued by the High Court a month back.

Intruigingly the scammers have not fallen out with each other ( yet) over the proceeds of the scam. Probably because there is far more money coming in than they ever dreamed of when they started this scam a year ago. … 46137.html


I have to say I find the 2000 properties maybe a bit much. Seems like a total scam at this stage though.


The beauty of the scam is that unencumbered ( or lightly encumbered) properties were lumped in for protection as well as the utterly encumbered ones that make up the bulk of the pledges to the trust. If you can even get away with 1 in 20 because you now have fuzzy title that is a nice earner for a years work.

Lets say that €600m of 2006 era loans are pledged as ‘assets’ at NPV
NPV is more like €100m
1 in 20 is €5m. :slight_smile:


According to some chap on Charles is a decent man full of the milk of Human kindness and is only avoiding the Beak so he can prepare his case showing that the Beak is actually unlawful.
Some one said to me in a completely different context today
" Forget Reality we’re not talking about Reality here" Kinda fits the bill


The trust works that you tfr the props to the trust and they are leased back on a long lease. What if the lease is flawed?


The trust works by putting thousands of Euro/pounds into Charlie Allen’s pockets. All the rest is fluff and not to be worried about.




There are real but maybe obscure dangers here. As pointed out by someone earlier, say the homeowner or spouse dies and the insurance settles the debt, the property becomes unencumbered?


Make sure you stop paying the insurance as well :nin


one little postscript to this nonsense, is that IF Charlie Allen is seen as a trustee of a proper trust (which i highly doubt), then his little sojurn north of the border might be a bad move. If a Trustee is resident in the UK, then HMRC will have a BIG interest in what Allen of the Charlies is making from this, not to mention the tax that needs to be paid in the UK on additions to the trust fund. (20% of asset values over £235k).

Somehow, i’d prefer our own lot after me to Her Maj’s minions.


Kildare stud owner at centre of protest declared bankrupt

A Kildare stud farm owner, whose lands were “reclaimed” by about 250 protesters in 2013 from receivers appointed by IRBC, has been made bankrupt by the High Court but is seeking to overturn the ruling.

Eugene McDermott, a horse breeder and trainer who owns the 120-acre Kennycourt Stud in Brannockstown, near Naas, was declared bankrupt on April 29 after a petition by Ennis Property Finance, one of his creditors.

McDermott has applied for leave to annul the bankruptcy. He claims Ennis Property Finance, to which he owes more than €4m, petitioned for his bankruptcy to hinder his ability to defend proceedings or take legal action against the company. He says there are issues with the “chain of title” to his land and contends that it is “not proven” that debts are owed to the company.

In an affidavit dated June 5, he argues that the bankruptcy has been “brought for no logical, commercial or bona fide purpose in circumstances where it is clearly the case based on my financial position that there are no means to discharge any debt in the bankruptcy”. He claims it is “a vindictive bankruptcy application and an abuse of process”.

Gilroy was given a four-week suspended prison sentence for his role in the protests. Although he claimed he was just “an observer”, the judge said he had been “instrumental in bringing about a situation on the stud farm that was tense and dangerous”.

Charlie Allen, another high-profile anti-repossession activist, was also arrested in relation to allegations that he breached court orders.