Charleville Sq, Rathfarnham, Dublin (-50, -4.5%) Now let agreed. Not a stellar drop I’ll admit, but really gives the lie to this ‘rents are increasing again’ guff that’s been cropping up in the media thanks to a 1% asking gain on a 19% drop over last year.

From propertybee (excellent service as ever):

Thanks spudnick :smiley:

I may have been overly hasty - despite 2-beds currently being available in this development only for between 1125 and 1150, I notice this today:

date event
15 April 2010
* Price changed: from ‘€1,200 monthly’ to ‘€1,400 monthly’
12 April 2010
* Initial entry found. [Found by n/a]

This genius upped the asking from 1200 to 1400, which is higher than it ever was at the peak!
A one-man-led recovery!

Technically, this merits its own topic, but this is the rental price drops forum, after all… :wink:

Scrap that, back down to 1200, same day.

Lots more action here on the 2-beds. - Down to 1000 from 1100:
09 July 2010 13:57:58
* Price changed: from ‘€1,150 monthly’ to ‘€1,000 monthly’ [Found by n/a] - same:
11 July 2010 23:48:22
* Price changed: from ‘€1,100 monthly’ to ‘€1,000 monthly’

This is symptomatic of the whole development in the last couple of months. Everything is now asking ~1000 (3; there’s one asking 1100).

More importantly, one is asking 995 - the psychological 1000 barrier has finally been broken for the 2-beds (

Yup, I should’ve been more hardball on my last rent reduction!

Instead of negotiating those €1k rents down to €900, you could instead buy this 2-bed for €469000: … f/id/3171/

Rent €900, Buy €469,000. Whatever.

This is the only property I can find for sale in Charleville, which is odd since there has always been a few sales boards outside the development since not long after it was launched.

Exactly, yield bedamned! Why rent when you can be a homeowner! :wink:

The sales side of things seems to come in fits and starts - not long ago, there were a slew of apartments for sale (no linkies though, sorry!), the ‘reasonable’ ones asking between 295 and 350 (!). They’ve dried up, coinciding with an increase of apartments for rent, funnily enough.

Rentwise, just over two years ago these gaffs were asking 1350+ monthly - which given a 1000 asking means a 25% reduction minimum since then, which sounds pretty much textbook for south Dublin city. Negotiate another 50 off and you’re looking at a 30% price drop since peak.