Chartbusters Gone (again)

Must be a January thing. I heard they went yet again this week.

They came out of examinership in the spring. … 90511.html

There is a Chartbusters close to me in Tralee so I am glad it is going to survive purely for personal reasons. But I really have to question this whole examinership thing. Chartbusters have been renting all new releases for €2 for some months now. Thats great for me and I should not really complain but I cannot get over the competitive disadvantage this has put xtravision in who are renting at €5.35. Presumably xtravision are paying their bills and are seemingly suffering a competitive disadvantage for doing so! I also know the landlord for the Tralee unit is owed something like a years rent and Chartbusters can seemingly walk away from that and negotiate a new lease at much lower rates in this environment (and without the upward only rent review clause). If I were the owner of xtravision I would be bulling.

I also note that Richard Murphy has successfully managed to screw two movie rental business in a row as well. Should he not be a candidate for striking off as a director?

Lovely stuff! At last we have some judges who seem to be interested in justice, telling it like it is.
There are SOME public servants who deserve their salaries.

Ah Peter Kelly is well known around here. See the threads on Liam Carroll for example.

I heard an interesting story about the Chartbusters in Clondalkin from a former worker. Apparently rental arrears on the property had built up to such an extent that the landlord simply went in one night, changed the locks and put a notice up saying the property had been seized. The shop has remained closed for a few months now, but all the stock still remains on the shelves, depreciating a few grand every week. Seems a waste to me.

The video rental shop will soon go the way of RTV if I remember correctly they rented people radios,Televisions and VCRs and in the event of a fault they would send out a repairman,hugely expensive way to rent a telly because you never owned it but by the end of the TVs life you could have probably bought three for the price of renting one.
The internet via companies like screenclick will be the last man standing,no real overheads bar a few staff to retrieve sacks of returned vids and dispatch new ones and rental of a small warehouse in the back and beyonds.

Those online rental companies have bad reputation. Also sometimes you are in mood for a comedy, thriller on a certain day

What will kill rental stores is once you have ability to order through itunes or similar the newest releases for immediate download and playback on your TV and it is nearly in Ireland

That still goes on in cetian flat complexs in the City Centre. Madness but there you are.

You already can on the Xbox 360, Sony have been talking about rolling out similar on the PS3 for a while.
It does all need decent high speed broadband though, not always available in Ireland.

Don’t know if they’re still alive or not, but check out this Irish company working in this area

EDIT: Website gone, check out google cache or youtube for old evidence