Cheap is the new Chic

For your Saturday entertainment: Orna Mulcahy, the High Priestess of the Status Anxious, who normally writes gushing reviews for the IT Property Supplement has changed gear, acknowledging that “Cheap is the new Chic” and grudgingly bestowing her imprimatur on the middle classes who now shop at Lidl: … 25643.html

There are so many gems in here I don’t know where to start, so just my favourite:

“Anne from Killiney (not her real name)”

So Orna, when does it start applying to Irish property?

Sweet Jesus. How can you spend 220E in Tesco and not get the dinner.

“You could call them the nouveaux pauvres: middle-class folk with all the trappings of success - nice house, nice car, nice holidays and nice clothes - who are finding that moneys got tight. They talk about how expensive everything is, but still they don’t want you to think they do the family shopping in a German discount store, rather than in good old Dunnes or Superquinn.”

Jeez, i remember the time when anyone shopping in shopping in Dunnes Stores was considered to be poor. how times change.

The swine, have they no shame. :smiley:

Surprisingly very easy. It mainly depends on what Tesco you shop at the products are weighted differently in terms of what they stock in various areas for example Roselawn is appalling if you need basics… where Ballyfermot & Prussia St are fine.

yeah - but they’ve gotten wooden floors now so you know they’re ‘fancy’.

Tesco in Prussia Street have gone really downhill over the years, I can get less and less of what I need there. At least with Aldi and Lidl I get change back.

Lidl/Aldi are completly overrated. If you’re looking for Bratwurst and jars of pickled onions, the place is great. If you want fruit or veg, you have to buy it in bulk and it’s still not that much cheaper than Tesco/Dunnes. Also, it’s completly hit and miss as to what’s good and what’s not. Having no baskets and packing areas is a complete joke.

Actually the packing areas are fantastic, you can have 10 people ahead of you in the queue and still be out the door in 5 minutes. And the food is generally fantastic quality. I’m a complete food snob, but most of their food is fantastic. I’ve bought a few duds but thats down to taste not quality. And any Aldi/Lidl I’ve ever been in has plentiful fruit and veg which you don’t have to buy in bulk, Aldi’s super 6 for example.

I’ve never “had” to shop in Aldi/Lidl. I could afford to but everything in Waitrose if I really wanted to, but Aldi/Lidl do great food for great prices.

or a host of other staples. Or really good biscuits. Or chocolate. Or ice-cream. Or Wine. Aldi have recently started selling high-quality branded beer (Sam Adams/Tyskie/Schofflhofer) that you’d pay considerably more for in an off-licence. The way to approach Lidl/Aldi is that you go there to get a lot of staples cheaply before filling in the gaps at Tesco.

And as a matter of fact I’m not even sure they have bratwurst. Lidl/Aldi adapt to local markets. A lot of their stuff that they sell now is Irish with Irish names on the brands. If you’re thinking that its going to be all unrecognisable German food then I think you haven’t been inside a Lidl/Aldi in while.

Their packages of fruit and veg are the same size as in Tesco. Are you shopping in different Lidl/Aldi branches than me? Perhaps you mean that you can’t buy it loose? But I don’t see buying six apples together as bulk-buying.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. They have different brands with different levels of quality. So do Tescos. Perhaps the difference is that at Tesco you know whats a good brand and what isn’t. At Lidl/Aldi you don’t know at first which is good and which isn’t. But after a while you will. And once you do those good brands are consistantly good. Give it a try - you can learn which are the good ones :slight_smile:

Personally I’d classify this as a minor inconvenience at worst which is compensated for by the low prices and high quality. In fact since I don’t like using baskets (they cut the hands off me) this isn’t a problem at all for me.

well here we come to the nub of it. They have packing areas. They are the big wide shelves just beyond the checkout where you can pack your stuff up in your bags. And the key point here is that you do it yourself so that the line at the checkout keeps moving. This keeps costs down because they don’t need to hire as many staff. Some people don’t like that. And thats fair enough. I’m not over-keen on packing my own stuff myself. But I’m less keen on being price-gouged by Tescos and Dunnes. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

ANd as as iguana points out if you don’t mind packing your own stuff Lidl/Aldis self-service packing really does keep the queue moving. Nothing more annoying that having some old dear in front of you chatting away to the cashier instead of taking her shopping and b*ggering off.

You may not like Lidl and Aldi. But they’re no joke. And I think that Tecos/Dunnes/Superquinns are about to find that out when Irish people stop treating groceries as though they were aspirational brands.

That article is from seven years ago. Hardly fair to bring it up now.

Maybe he means he needs live mice and he can’t get them there anymore

The things I buy are usually the same price in Dunnes. Bread, milk, veg, eggs, meat are practically the same price as they are in Lidl/Aldi. I do think that Lidl/Aldi is cheaper for prepared products like frozen dinners, pizzas, chocolate, etc, but I wouldn’t really buy those things anyway.

When you’re only buying for yourself, that’s a lot of apples :smiley: Likewise, for carrots, onions, etc; I only need a few, otherwise they end up rotting in my refrigerator. The only thing I’d buy in bulk would be potatoes and they’re cheap enough in Dunnes.

I hate being forced to pack at lightspeed on the edge of postage stamp while tomatoes are being fired at you at 100mph.

My father works in the food industry. They supply at more or less the same price to Aldi and Tesco etc. Aldi work on the basis of a 14% mark up, Tesco on a 30-40% mark up

But if you can’t pack fast you bung everything back in your trolley/box and take it to the packing desk. It’s much, much quicker than the way it is done in regular supermarkets. And you don’t have a bored cashier throwing your eggs in with your dog food and your bread in with your washing powder.

And did I mention that it’s fast? 8)

+1 for Aldi food quality,


i used to shop at superquin!!

Well - that is your choice HB. I would say you’re paying a premium for it. But hey - you pays your money - you takes your choice.

tesco are giving 30% back on any six bottles of wine until tomorrow. brill. now that there is less money (debt) available it feels like the majors are actually on a race to the bottom. as i have previously posted, i have not shopped in superquinn for years until a few weeks ago when their two for one offers made it sensible.

i’ve just read the article in full


as an aside, i believe that Wallmart pulled out of germany because it couldn’t beat Aldi/Lidl and they pulled out of Japan because there cheap meant bad.