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Hello fellow pinsters!

Currently renting in Sandyford. A year ago rents for a two bed were as much as 1600 per mnth. We thought we were getting great value for a two bed at 1500 per mnth!! Now rents in the area are ranging from 1200-1300…a pretty substantial drop! Our lease is up soon. Considering offering between 1000-1100 to landlord. Is this feasible?

Is there anybody out there who has successfully renegotiated their rent to a reasonable price?

A guy I know was renting for €1500 in Sandyford during the summer.
Pointed out to his LL at the end of his lease other places in the same building for €1200.

LL refused to drop so the guy moved into the floor below. You will have plenty of choice if the LL doesn’t play ball!

just yesterday I rang my landlord and renegotiated our rent from 1300 to 1150 a month. A 2 bedroom apartment in Dublin2. I just levelled with him and told hm that is all I am willing to pay as the market has turned.

Give it a go, although don’t be surprised that your landlord is unwilling to negotiate.

Just make sure you outline the current rental situation that makes your offer worthy of consideration. If you can get he/she thinking rationally then there’s a good chance they’ll entertain the idea.

This is great news. Rents were rediculous and they should now fall back to a more normal rate. I have found that EA are easier to talk to now in Galway. I will be renting soon and it is interesting to see them talk of ‘what the market will take’

Excellent news.

Were renting a 2 bed house in dublin 11,our rent is €1300 a month,were here 18 months now,no problems with landlord at all,we all get on very well and like it here.But we have noticed that rents have gone down a lot recentley.3 bed Houses that last year were €1500 are now €1200,so were paying more than we need to be really.We would move if we had to be but with baby etc we would rather not have the hassle of it.How much of a reduction do You think would be acceptable to ask for if 3 beds are going for €1200?
TIA :smiley:

I’ve a weird dilemma. The landlord preempted my planned request for a 10% reduction by unilaterally cutting the rent by 5%! I’m in two minds about pressing for the extra 5% because it might impact the goodwill that’s currently there. What to do, what to do…

Make him sorry he mentioned it… :smiling_imp:

tell him that you were expecting 10%

Thats the very question to ask the landlord … then sit back and watch them squirm !

Smart cookie that landlord.


So I went back to LL, just ahead of the lease expiry date, and simply mentioned that an identical apartment was on offer at 15% less than my current rent (excluding LL’s offer to reduce by 5%). The LL agreed immediately to match that price, citing the ‘recent news about rents dropping’! :smiley:

nice one, good job

My lease is up at the end of march therefore we would need to give notice shortly if we were going to move currently paying €1600 for a 2bed townhouse in sandymount, similar house let for €1200 last week and there is another for €1300, rents in excess are remaining on the market for months, dont fancy moving… Should I approach the LL for reduction??? , any tips for approaching LL

Remember these are only the advertised prices; that €1’200 house might be let at one or two hundred less.

Try to bargain other places before you talk to your LL.

It will give you a better idea of the market.

Simple really. The market rate for those properties is somewhere around 1200 per month, probably less. You are currently paying about 5000 euros per year too much rent. Sort it out.

I got €100 off my rent 3 months into a 12 month lease. Dealing directly with the owner. He didn’t seem interested in getting all legal about it, and mentioned how he was afraid of the place being empty for a month or two if I “fucked off” on him.

I moved into an apartment 3 years ago; while it was relatively expensive I was still living on my own in a nice 1 bed in Ballsbridge. The rent was put up by 10% after the first year but I got it taken back to what it had been last November when I pointed out that one in the same building was cheaper and a 2 bed in the other building was the same as what I was paying. Where I am now is in need of modernisation if she wants to have any chance of taking in another tenant for the same rent.

For just a little more I can rent a newly completed 2 bed in the same area. I am happy to do this for a year at least.

Its a renters market … go for it, they had it their way long enough …

Apart from politeness, why would it be necessary to give notice if the lease is coming to an end?