Chicago Spire - Our American Money Pit


Whenever I see that hole I think of the abyss in the movie 300.

My only concern would be who do we push in first n last… chances are it could fill up pretty quick so the last guy might have a chance of only having to fall a few feet (we might even have to throw them onto the heap at that stage).


Lest we forget…

Courtesy, as always, of “harryc” over at SkyscraperCity:
August 13th, 2009 … count=7431 … 61128.html

Compensate much?

Hey dudes howzabout we make 'em fine folk in AmeriKay one helluva an offer they canny refuse??
Howzabout WE fill that hole with DOLLARS, and they rename their city CHICANGLO, CHICANGLO!!


Looks like a lot of potential buyers of these condos will have a little less disposable income
52,000 ffs … _crackdown … l?id=31452

in the future, please provide a link and don’t quote the whole article if you don’t need to.

I preferred it with snow.

Repeat after me:

I know I need to fill that pit with my money because if I don’t my bank won’t ever lend me money again.

Mother of Jesus pray for us

etc. etc.

I know what’s wrong. Looks like they’ve built it upside down.

No wonder the architect didnt get paid. They’re supposed to pick up on that kind of thing during construction.

They should all move to Ireland under assumed names

no Danger of the Irish courts pushing rich people around the shop

Kelleher hasnt paid any businesses there.

he’d spend $30k on a party to entrtain the McSavvies , but it was all on credit he obtained for the servies of the businesses doing the party supplies.

This sucker’s going down!

Lots of belief that Chicago getting the Olympics would ensure the Spire would get built:

No stress … I assume Anglo leant to similarly sized projects in Rio as a hedge against this decision…

…or wasn’t there a post-it that explained what a hedge was!


Sometimes you outdo even yourself.