Chicago Spire - Our American Money Pit


Damn, someone’s stolen Gar’s container… he has only the barrel left now… must be chilly with all the snow.

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In hindsight, I guess Garrett isn’t in the worst position.
A hole in the ground is a lot better than an almost completed, and empty, tallest building in North America.


Hey those are great pictures, but how the hell do you get to the bottom of the hole?? Can’t see a property ladder anywhere!


Ive seen Chicago every 2 years or so over the past decade, quite a lot of skyscrapers went up in that area.

At least the govt have a location for the paddy’s day bash 8DD


The Chicago Spire pictures always remind me of the Cenotes I saw in the Yucatan

Wikipedia says “Believing that these pools were gateways to the afterlife, the Maya sometimes threw valuable items into them.”

That’s as good an explanation for this madness as any.

The Mayans also used them for human sacrifice. So I propose that the entire cabinet sould go to Chicago for Paddy’s day and do the decent thing.


Kelleher firm owes €106,000 card debt … 76479.html

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Nice work if you can get it…


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Excuse the iphone formatting

This guy is the doyen of fancy schmancy Chicago condo architects. Says development won’t pick up for 5 years … l?id=38875


Anybody got some recent pictures of our chicago hole (no crudities please), I wonder how its doing now that summer is here? :laughing:


[*HarryC * ( as always:

Jun 3, 2010


beaten to it, but here is a pic I took myself from another angle (during the recent “Bike the [Lake Shore] Drive” on May 30th - otherwise it’s impossble to get up there)

Few of things that struck me:

  • it’s simply not a very pleasant place to live - too close to major road; no high end shops nearby like the other luxury condos being developed (Navy Pier is a tacky tourist venue)
  • the view will great for the high up ones but once you get outside on the ground it’s dark you’re right underneath aforementioned Lake Shore Drive;
  • there’s no nice park unlike the developments close to Lincoln Park/Oz Park or the ones around Millenium Park;
  • it’s simply very small - the condos selling for crazy money in Chicago are also crazy big - some of the units are studios which if I recall correctly are about a 1/3 or 1/4 slice of the spire
  • the structure is exposed to the elements right now - not an expert but sure a risk of rusting?


Im there in 2 weeks.
Where do you get the vantage points from ?

I have just decided that it is a pinsters duty to take a pik of the place if they ever find themselves in Chicago.


It’s not easy TBH - I’d say Harry C is taking that from his own condo - I took it from the highway but that’s only an option 1 day a year - there are maybe a couple of lofts for sale in the building that overlooks it.

Failing that you can get a lower level view as you walk down to Navy Pier (East Illinois St) - under the main Lake Shore Drive as seen in HarryC’s pic;

If you have time don’t forget to take a stroll up North and East Lake Shore Drive to see what quality apartments look like ( ); then swing by North State St to see the original Playboy Mansion and come back down Astor St where you can see the Chicago residence of one G Kelleher

His is the red brick one on the right (first pic) when you click here

also check these if you are genuinely interested in architecture - : … 20034.html … lking.html

let me know how you get on