Chicago Spire - Our American Money Pit


The whole site is tightly fenced off so that one cannot gawk into the site.

it is situated by a nice riverside promenade though.

btw, Kelleher owes a lot of money to the businesses located in the vicinity , he got tons of stuff on crdit so he could host the massive parties to sell the condos…


From a Chicago specific blog, but I do think there are parallels with Ireland


Thanks for the update. To be frank, I thought that this triumph of Irish visionary thinking that was foisted on the good citizens of Chicago was disappearing!!

I had looked at it using google earth and it appeared that it had shrunk ( somebody filling it in surreptitiously hoping that it would be forgotten about?).

Check out 41 53’ 23.55" N
87 36’ 53.58" W
The hole appears to be very small. It may be that google earth needs updating. Can anybody (Pinster in NASA, NSA?) send the satellite over Chicago to update the pictures please? ( A geostationary orbit over the hole would be even better) :wink:


I meant to add a correction to what i posted before.

It’s actually easy enough to have a gawk at the Spire site - just swing north on the footpath off Illinois St -so if you’re visiting Chicago and you’ve had enough Frank Lloyd-Wright and Mies Van der Rohe and want to look at a hole in the ground then check it out! (it’s on the way to Navy Pier - which is tacky though the kids might enjoy it).

I was going past the other day and I’m still struck at how small it is, throw in a few elevator shafts etc and the condos won’t be big enough. Then again the price per acre was nothing like Jury’s…


Street view


Google are not the fastest to update their images, that appears to show the site before the hole was dug.


it’s going to be a LONG time before any new condo towers are constructed. … redits-end


Saw it, took piks, lost camera :frowning:


I am off to Chicago on Thursday. I might just have to pay it a visit :slight_smile:


Down the hole?


i’d presume there’s some sort of vortex that takes everything if you get too close - anyone planning to take pictures in future should invest in a camera with a good zoom function…


“the dog ate my homework”
EA’s and photography just don’t mix… :wink:



Speaking of holes, anyone know what the massive hole in the ground is in cherrywood business park (Loughlinstown)? Was there earlier and it seems to be flooded with equipment half submerged…


It’s okay, he used a fisheye lens… it looked massssssiiiiiiivvvvveeee


Once upon a time in a land far far away…Bank agrees on Cherrywood offices, the fairy tale did not have a happy ending.

There are two large holes in the ground at that site along with three empty office buildings, 2 of which have never had tenants, most of the others do not have full occupancy.


It’s official!
The Dail cement truck was not a protest at all!
Just an enterprising cement supplier offering to fill in that huge hole we all now own in Chicago!
Now THAT’s what I call a sales pitch!

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