Chicago Spire - Our American Money Pit


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Irish Financial Crisis Helps Topple Planned Chicago Spire -> … 14149.html


Spire developer loses control of site in foreclosure suit -> … 9947.story


Developer was key force behind interview Drumm gave to two jounalists - PAUL CULLEN -> … 78551.html


Chicago Spire developer sued for $5m
Bank of America has upped the ante against Irish property developer Garrett Kelleher and applied to a Chicago court for a summary judgment against him and his Shelbourne Development company for the repayment of more than $5m (€3.4m) in loans … 30170.html


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the rounded corners that stick out of that building on Van Buren @1.39 reminded me of the guides story abouit how property tax was based on ‘foot print’ so building outwards was popular! I wonder if the Irish property tax comes in what shenanigans will result :smiley:


US bank secures $5m judgment against builder Kelleher
A Summary judgment totalling over $5m (€3.5m) has been granted against property developer Garrett Kelleher and his Shelbourne Development company in the US, piling pressure on the embattled businessman. … 44188.html

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Just watched this. Glad I didn’t pay to do so… :nin


NAMA selling Chicago hole for $92.8m


In that area, rents have gone through the roof because of built up demand so it’s possible that the spire might be built after all.
I hope it does get built eventually. It’s an eyesore at the moment.


a lot lot more has been built in that part of the city compared with 10 years ago.


Developer Kelleher in bid to restart building of Chicago Spire - -> … 74079.html


From NASDAQ, 24th June 2013



Blue Horseshoe


Kelleher fights to reverse sale of Chicago Spire - Roisin Burke -> … 83241.html


Billionaire tried to pay top dollar for Chicago Spire - Roisin Burke -> … 36075.html