Chicago Spire - Our American Money Pit


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“The skyscraper was born in this city." A builder’s quest to tower over Chicago:


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It’s almost like a divorce, where one party wants to stay together, whilst the other keeps saying ‘time to move on’.

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Anyone know how long these things take to build ?

Although there has been tens (hundreds ?) of millions lost on it, the hit would have been much harder had the building been near completion when the crisis occured.

On a number of different measures, a hole in the ground is probably preferable to a half-completed and vacant skyscraper.


Particularly one that looks like a huge spliff, or a sex toy.


These things can be built relatively quickly. Once the foundations are in, and that can take time, a floor a week is not the norm, but nor is it unheard of either. It’s all the associated financial, regulatory, and permitting requirements that are the real time sink.

It should also be noted that Santiago Calatrava is almost as famous for running over budget on his projects, as he is for his designs.


US Spire developer sues Nama over Chicago loan row - -> … 32982.html


Is the Capita mentioned the same one involved with Eircode ?


Yes, but like all outsourcing firms Capita do nothing without written instructions


Spire-boy spiked.

How stupid and/or desperate do you have to be to fund a doomed case and try to hide that funding but not very well?

His shyster friends are an interesting bunch: … -1.2736537


^^ Kelleher has to surrender his passport in regards to that insurance trial … 42252.html