Childrens Hospital Refused Planning


Yeah James is a decent location but may have some planning problems. Its a tight site and sfome existing building /functions will have to go. The mater was the right site from a speciality point of view but it was never going to get planning permission. The choice was a pig headed political stroke. Even though it was highly unlikely to get planning they decided to waste 20 million of public money on the “business services team”, €2.6 million on the “project management services team” and €5 million on the “integrated design team”.

Executive costs - does this mean 1-2 people we paid to baby sit a feckin shambles … 79278.html

Seriously what the fuck


Snodaigh will be sending the printer into overdrive…
Byrne is a decent communtiy worker but no one is a ministerial candidate


This sounds like political saber rattling and damage limitation by parties involved. Why don’t they threaten to burn down the Mater while they are at it or even better go slow down in the engine room or something…


Formerly the constituency of Bertie Ahern and Tony Gregory. Grangegorman is the main political pork barrel project in this constituency.

#45 … l-due.html


Whatever. Just start building it somewhere.


No word on whether a new maternity hospital will be built too.

That decision has been kicked down the road


I thought that they were going to amalgamate the Coombe into the plan as well, so it would all fall under James’s.


No plans to move the Coombe just yet there is another Maternity hospital in more pressing need of a new build.


Not move it, I thought they were putting it under the umbrella of James’s as part of this.


New Children’s Hospital Board to be set up … tal-board/


HSE approves project brief for new children’s hospital … -1.1852586


€40m ‘wasted’ on children’s hospital plan … 07227.html


St James’s it is: … -planning/

What a day to announce it. Traffic reports of a clogged city on the day of a Luas strike and Newstalk even include a voxpop with a patient who normally takes the Luas to the hospital but can’t. I don’t the M50 fared too well this morning either though.

I haven’t drilled into the details in the submission but are there plans included for a redesign of the road infrastructure leading into and around the hospital in the traffic management plan?


My thoughts on this are influenced by the feelings of one friend working in Crumlin and one friend with regular appointments there.
For both of them this is a good decision. The person working there can now commute by public transport , up to now they needed a car and parking.
For the friend with a sick child it currently means 4 hours in a car with a child bored in the back seat combined with traffic and getting lost in Dublin and stressing about parking and getting the car clamped & or vandalised , now replaced with being able to get the train or bus up to James.
This also means they probably don’t need to make every appointment into an overnight stay. Crumlin can then be redesignated to other purposes such as step down care.


+1 will suit those parents who have to get the train up from way down the country - actual emergencies being sent there will be a small proportion of the visits

I’m in 2 minds about the location and access ; traffic around James’s can be bad but having a few retired consultants who haven’t seen the inside of a bus since medical school dictate the location would poor planning


Four years later, this guy’s point is still the important one. And same with the current phoney war over the new maternity hospital. Just build the fscking thing.


+1 Build the fucker!


Could they build a blue light lane along the luas track? Where it branches off at the canal, for emergencies coming via the m50


It is pretty scary when the ambulance crew call up a garda escort to get your child to hospital but it works (at least in the one case I can vouch for).