Childrens Hospital Refused Planning


Guy on the last word tonight said initial price for the hospital in James site was 450m!!!
He’s built the Beacon hospital.

1m per bed seems to be the norm…so 750m should be the target


The ongoing increase in the cost of the Children’s hospital is going to make it most expensive ever built anywhere in the world! Go team Ireland … -1.2986631

I f-n despair at the logic and the carelessness with which public funds are treated.

And here’s another beaut of a quote … 78535.html

I have to stop reading the papers, listening to the radio, watching TV, going on the net. It’s bad for my blood pressure


As someone who drives around town a lot with work, who in God’s name decided to to locate it there ?

The hospital should be on the far side of the M50.
The LUAS should be extended out to it.

Every non-Dublin based parent shouldn’t have to battle Dublin traffic every time they need to being their kid into the hospital (or just visit them).

The insane increase in costs should be enough for the project to be stopped.
But, of course, it wont.

This country sure knows how to blow money.


Plus 1 billion.
No 2 billion. Yes. 2 billion sounds correct.


Most recent one I could find - … y_Hospital
1677 beds including 256 bed childrens hospital
Built on an existing site
8 years from conception to opening
Cost : STG 842 million Even if you take STG at 1.30 that’s €1.1Bn - a lot less than 1m per bed

We are a fucking mess run by the idiots that we elected - we can only blame ourselves.

PS - looking further down the article I see that the locals call it ‘The Death Star’ - Glasgow humour must be very like Dublin humour


Because it makes medical sense to co-locate children’s hospitals with adult ones.

Or so any doctor I have ever spoken to says.

It is also quite suitable for the half a million of us who live inside the M50:)


So, eh…you know this new Children’s Hospital that’s being colocated with St. James’s…? Do I want to know who owns that?


That as far as I’m aware will have a completely separate and independent board. Ownership will be retained by the state.

No religious institution will be involved (as far as I’m aware)


Discussion on the maternity hospital split to here viewtopic.php?f=54&t=66823


saw a lot of the usual goons banging on about the lack of sprinkler system in the new hospital - Prof John “Ego the size of Manhattan” Crown for example. As usual, it takes a while before someone with relevant knowledge contributes to the “public debate”


There are a few holes in what she is saying
For one not many sneaky cigarettes or toasters on operating theaters
Surely fire alarms would be heat and smoke detection ?
Zonal sprinklers would only come on in the areas affected thereby saving the remainder of the hospital and reducing the need to evacuate the remainder of the hospital

The costs are crazy not because of the fire suppression system it due to the stupid curves probably doubling the cost, GCCC contracts, HSE and too many other cooks.
Great ormonde street building 120 bed hospital for 190 m sterling … t-phase-4/


The cost of the National Childrens Hospital are spiralling like the National Maternity Hospital (though they haven’t even broken ground on the latter). Today’s IT has a leaked memo to Cabinet warning that the additional costs will delay, well, practically every other capital project in the health sector. Is this leak an effort to loosen the purse-strings? And will the Gardai be called in to investigate this breach of Cabinet Confidentiality - not merely a crime but an attack on Bunreacht na hEireann, as amended by the People of Ireland twenty years ago.
Will the Taoiseach correct the record of the Dail. He said this week that “the new overall cost… is €1.433 billion”. According to the leaked memo:

Who’s to blame for the overruns?

Guess who was responsible for the failed original (i.e. 650M.) estimate? The same project board! And how much more needs to be spent before we agree that the wrong site was chosen? Ah shure, what’s an extra 300 Million? Think of the sick babies!

And what about the proposed alternative i.e. building alongside the Connolly Hospital near Blanchardstown? We were told that would be completely unsuitable but then they decided to move the Rotunda to Connolly. And now it turns out that will take up to 10 years (what do you bet?) and … -1.3595092

Would this happen if a real estate developer was Taoiseach? Say one with global experience from Manhattan to Doonbeg?


Someone seasoned in public capital shenanigans once told me that: “the only thing worse than a hole in the ground is half a hole in the ground”


€1.7bn…jeez that eyesore at the Mater was only gonna cost €0.7bn with a Metro station included in the basement. :frowning:


It gets worse: … -1.3747872

And what about the National Maternity Hospital? That was going to cost €150 Million but then they moved it to the other side of the city and suddenly it was 300 Million. … -1.2982735
Now, the 300 Million is subject to “construction inflation” … 39970.html
Or is that 350 Million? … n-13771888
What are the chances of finishing this project for less half a billion?

Ah shure, what harm? So long as there’s no nuns and no Mass!


What chance of getting these costs under control when the top manager thinks it’s all normal

Where on earth is €6,500 per sq m normal? … -1.3767872


I’m always dubious when problems with big projects are attributed to a small group of incompetents. It’s possible but it seems a bit too neat.

Are the cost overruns down to builders padding invoices systematically?


Why haven’t BAM being called in? Where’s the forensic accountants on comparing the new costs to the old so an exact summary of where the over runs are occurring can be seen?
Where’s that useless pile of dung, Simon Harris on this? The Minister who said he won’t put a price on completing the hospital and effectively wrote a blank cheque.

How are there not riots on the streets over this epic screw up :imp:


Id say the chances of the Mater costing 0.7 billion were 0 or soem figure with a lot of zeros i.e. 2,000,000,000


Because it’s not taxpayers’ money - its all borrowed, and at close to zero interest (grazie mille, Mario!).
If we actually had to pay for it ( @ 1,000 Euro per household, and rising), we would see protests to dwarf the water charges.

The only problem? Europe is limiting our magic credit card. :frowning: So we have to “delay” other capital projects. The health mafia thought they could grab money from outside the health budget (think about the sick babbies! Pay the nurses more! No, I mean more more), but everyone sees through their game so now we are reading about all the health projects which are long-fingered i.e. won’t start before the next election, the only timescale that counts. (How’s that Cath Lab going, Waterford?) . You’ll see lots of local protests and promising political careers will be ended, but it will be a scramble, not a national campaign.