Childrens Hospital Refused Planning


As far as I can ascertain, Harris has literally zero experience of any kind of work other than being a Fine Gael politician (maybe he had a summer job in Spar or something); he definitely doesn’t even have an undergraduate degree. So obviously this is why we put him in charge of a €16 billion organisation at the age of 30.


Wiki says,
[, at Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street



Incomplete afaik, possibly not even lasting 1 year. I wonder did his PR team use the ambiguous language in the wiki entry.


Stockholm currently holds the world record at 2.2bn for a hospital. We’re going to smash that and not 1 person will have been fired, resigned, pension stopped, demoted

Health chief ‘can’t guarantee Children’s Hospital will cost less than €2bn’ … 69675.html


Legal proceedings have already begun by local residents apparently who have suffered building damage from the ongoing works so you can a little more to the costs there. Traffic issues around the area are also apparently worse than originally envisaged. I’ve only passed the site twice and got stuck once myself.

Discussion on it with Pat Kenny and Dr. Finn Breathnach both of whom opposed the current location at the top of the show. … ow_Part_1/


Same as it ever was … -1.3778792


Pat to be fair has been banging the drum for a long time. His main complaint was in relation to traffic. I think traffic other least of the issue.
No. 1 is the building shape and design. Totally down to some stupid architect Lossing the run of himself. Think Dermot Bannon on steroids without a QS. Another T2.
No 2 is the site is too small to swing a cat. Costs go through the roof.
No 3 is bam know how to maximize claims, like most main contractors. It also suggests that the initial contract was poor.

An alternative site only solves the non issue of traffic and the actual site size constraints. Different site doesn’t solve HSE incompetence etc.

Now, try to co-locate a maternity hospital on James’s site.

Only thing to do going forward is to sack the minister, board, and don’t bother with architects and architecture awards. Employ 5 QS for each architect sacked


Overruns on the building costs are only the start of this debacle.

When this hospital is up and running, it will drain the HSE’s childcare budget every year. Prof. Brendan Drumm (he should know!) says it will be too big because new models of healthcare will make admission to the national centre much less likely. … -1.3778877

Did you know that we are building one of the largest childrens’ hospital in the world? Not “per capita”, not “under construction”. At 473 beds, this will be one of the largest anywhere. Either we will end up paying through the nose for empty beds or children will be shipped off to Dublin simply to feed the system.

Brendan Drumm doesn’t mention it - nobody does, despite our never-ending abortion debate - but the number of births in this country is falling rapidly. Births peaked in 2009 at almost 75,000 and have declined continuously since then. There were 62,000 births in 2017 and quarterly figures for 2018 indicate that the trend continues. Our fertility rate was the highest in the developed world for much of the 20th. century but is now below replacement level and falling. Pinsters will agree that the housing crisis has played a major role in this decline but would any of our myriad think tanks or lobby groups research this? We keep hearing about an extra million in our population - maybe, but they won’t be children.

So we will have one of the largest childrens hospital in the world serving a small and shrinking population of children just as modern medicine is able to deliver the care that every sick child wants - outside of hospitals!


Yeah, well that’s not how the Irish healthcare system works in my experience.

I’ve spent a bit of time in adult emergency departments in last decade of so, and most of the people there seemed to be elderly people in respite care. There was a distinct lack of any kind of emergency.

But politicians love big infrastructure projects.

#150 … 75733.html



Varadkar live on Radio 1 This Week earlier said he’d spoken to Harris and they were going to change the terms of reference so that individuals could be named as being culpable. Which ever way the wind is blowing, eh Leo?
Though I still expect the report to come back with just generalisations and group blame.

And whatabout PWC and the €0.5m they’re getting for the report- has anyone looked at PWC to see if they have done audit or consultancy work for BAM or any offshoot of BAM over the last 10 years? Or is there is any people at the top level in either company with ties to the other?
Dublin is a small town!


Cork is even smaller. Looks like PwC is a tenant of BAM at One Albert Quay. Handy! :smiley:

Looks like PwC was auditor of Royal BAM Group nv for the eight years until 2015. … as-of-2016




“The tallest building in the world cost about $1.5 billion to build, making it a match for the new Dublin hospital if its costs hit €1.7 billion.”

This is disturbing.


It’s all to play for plenty of time to push past the €2 billion mark. :wink: