China alarmed by US money printing.

I have placed this article in the International Property Bubbles section, but in reality it could also have a home in the Gold, Fed, or Inflation threads.

A very interesting (and somewhat scary) read from the USAs largest creditor.
A confirmation of everything that has been discussed on this site.

China’s goal is to take over the IMF from the Americans.

Monty Python must have been smoking some serious sh1t !

Well if their worried they could stop accepting dollars as payment. The US has a defiect because they take dollars as payment and not otherwise. I would love to be in the US postion, chop down a few trees (actually its cotton, I think -so pick cotton), print coupons, buy real goods,pay with cotton coupons. Supplier says I don’t like this, print more coupons, so they are worth less!!!. Tell supplier to FO, or buy goods from the US with the cotton coupons. Mercantile policies always end in failure.

“We can ruin our currency before you can!”

There is no doubt about it we are now at a very critical point in relation to both Gold and the $…

One that will go down in History…Place you bets…


Not really sure what the price of gold has to do with the international property bubble . . .

stop starting new threads on this.