China announces nuclear fuel breakthrough


China announces nuclear fuel breakthrough -> … 675169.htm


Could be bullshit propaganda from the Chinese. However, if it’s true, and if they build and perfect the pebble bed reactor design at the Shidaowan plant in Shandong, and successfully adapt it for use with MOX fuel, it will undoubtedly be a new golden age for nuclear power.


i’d say its a response to japanese efforts to find alternative materials for the rare earths the chinese are imposing export restrictions on. it would be a typical Chin gov response

The commodity propaganda war is ratcheting up…


Nothing to see here lads. They’ve just started reprocessing spent fuel. Sellafield reprocesses fuel too. However they are moving in the right direction and we’ll more than likely be buying our new reactors from China, pity really.


Technologically, there may not be much to see, but politically, I think it is a big change. If China becomes power self-sufficient, it will have implications for raw materials exporters (particularly coal). Feeling secure in indigenous power supply is part of that self-sufficiency (not so much the actuality of it, but the feeling that this is a stable path forward).


Ah, good old Factory 404… Error not found.


This is very interesting!

Is it possible that the Japanese will be able to artificially create Silver and Gold? That would certainly shake up the market!!


Japan finds rare earths in Pacific seabed


It won’t be just the earth minerals that’ll be rare once them boyos get dredging and delving!!!


If the BP oil spill tells us anything, it’s that it will be impossible to get any of this to the surface without massive technological advances in the most extreme environment on the planet.


For “massive technological advances’ read 'massive environmental disasters” methinks!


All that is Old is New…

From 1934

Inflation may have increased the value of Gold; but I wonder if the cost of energy required for extraction has increased at an even faster rate !


:laughing: That’s gas…


Speaking of gas, didn’t Midgley have something to do with the invention of CFC’s as well :angry:


There is a proposed or active mineral suction operation in the Bismarck Sea off New Guinea which is not as deep as the Abyssal plain.

We can get quite into pretty deep water (Rockall Trough) only a few miles northwest of the Shell Gas field in Mayo, so if anyone fancies negotiating with the locals on behalf of the “2Pack Suck It All Up Mineral Corporation”, just PM me…m’kaaaays :slight_smile:


Yeps. Leaded petrol and CFCs - the poor man is a prime example of the law of unintended consequences.