China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.


I’ve found over the last few years that economic predictions published in the Telegraph are almost perfectly negatively correlated with actual outcomes.

I guess they have to be right eventually.


Crisis, what crisis! … 64894.html


The BBC stock market page says no!

Shanghai SSE Composite Thu 08:50 3664.29 -129.82 -3.42 SSE SE 50 Thu 08:50 2356.92 -73.36 -3.02

Still heading south.


I think that this is one of those articles that is going to gain Property Pin infamy in years to come 8DD


AEP is no Indo dummy, the article is borrowed from the torygaph, I’m not a big fan, but he might just be right as there is a lot of global QE left to keep the party going a bit longer. Next August might not be so forgiving. Having said that there are just so many flashing warning signals across all markets there is not much room for complacency.


Next year. Next year. Buck never ever seems to stop.


China, plans to stop the decline, by using their pension fund. :open_mouth:


The ‘death cross’ is in. Given that the market is going to be driven by herd mentality it could get very ugly.


Angry Chinese Investors Capture Head Of Metals Exchange In Predawn Hotel Raid - -> … hotel-raid


Can’t see how capturing the head trader is going to make any difference to the prices. :confused:


They might get some accountability on the head crooks though. :angry:


Chinese investors are relatively new to naked capitalism as exposed in share and commodity trading, they don’t seem to understand trading fully yet and the concept that markets can regularly get way over-heated and that prices can go down as well as up.

This is going to be a big part of the learning curve for them, hope it doesn’t get ugly in the short term. The Chinese goverment has to learn not to try to intervene to prop prices up in these situations, it should be warning investors not to be getting carried away when markets are getting overheated.


Kinda of like Ireland property then. Can’t wait to see what their version of AAA will be like.


Alan Ahearne on RTE Radio One now presenting himself as an expert on the Chinese economy.


In the words of Mikeleen Martin

" Ah So "



I’ve read loads of articles regarding the issues in China over the last few months but am finding it hard to keep all threads of the story together… eg are some big shareholders in companies still barred from selling them for 60 (or was it 90?) days? What % of shares actually transact on a daily/weekly basis? etc, etc…

Anyone got a link to a decent/up to date summary of the current status?


I thought some stocks were barred from trading altogether, perhaps they are now back in the mix.


China closed up 5.34%.
Everything back to normal it seems …


Chinese slowdown in growth has accelerated to full blown decline.


Looks like China is really running out of steam!