China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.


China is in for a soft landing.

All their figures point to it.

Nothing to see here folks, now move along.


At least their ‘officials’ admit they are liars!


Guess it’s too late to blame Lehmans.


The mystery of China’s missing brides - via @FT

interesting article


Imagine pleading that in front of Peter Kelly !


Stock Market Today - China Said to Suspend Forex Business for Some Foreign Banks - -> … banks.html


Trading was suspended for the day, 2 hours early, after the CSI 300 of companies listed in Shanghai and Shenzhen fell 7%.

Many though that, at the first opportunity to sell stock they were previously banned from selling, would see significant falls in the China markets. But this fall comes a few days before this ban is lifted, kinda reminds me of some advice I was given when younger - if you are going to get into a fight, retaliate first !!!


Do China share the same calender as ourselves ?


For international business they appear to use the Gregorian calendar that we use, at least any of them I have had dealings with use it. However I believe they use their own Chinese calendar internally, and for dates significant to them.


Final fall on CSI Shenzhen was 8.22% (see graphic in this FT article)

This time the equity market fall came with a devaluation RMB/$:

and equity markets fell with Europe hit more than the US:

and commodities are down:

This is all looking quite correlated. Cue a number of large hedge funds to go tits up…


Program trading in China will be regulated - -> onlineservices.cliffordchance.c … %3D1181746
October 2015

China and Clinton Agree: Traders Should Pay for Canceled Orders - -> … led-orders

Blame It on Oil: 2016 Unhappy New Year for Asian Shipyards - … _Shipyards


Limit-down once again.

Bulls climb the stairs & bears jump out of windows.
The speed at which it shot down indicates a stampede.

Brokers must have had sell orders right from the off.

I’m waiting for the inevitable government intervention.
Good money after bad.


Lesson number one from the prices must always go up school of capitalism.
When was the last time a stockmarket shut down because of a surge in prices??
Gosh you surprise me not. :open_mouth:


It caused a surge in Bitcoin actually 8DD up 55% in last 6 months, most trading is in China now as its an easy way of getting fund out of there at moment

Anyways China had a property bubble which was going south so the government steered investment into stocks which is going south now as well, whats next i wonder


Biggest one day surge of the Dow was just over 15% in 1933 :angry: … ge_changes



This may be interesting.



:smiley: I remember morgan kelly used the roadrunner analogy to great effect on prime time a few years ago describing our property crash


I thought that was Matt Cooper?


And next-day delivery …

China Stocks Rebound as State Funds Said to Buy Equities