China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.

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Interesting read…

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Squeeky bum time.
China is about to experience the turbulence that the west went through in the 70’s.
They are at that same level of maturity.

The real question is, how much will this impact us ?



Zerohedge has gone to the dogs as they’ve increasingly adopted a pro-Russia/pro-Trump line, but they did discuss a WSJ article that suggests the Chinese are still going full steam ahead with their property bubble. … 0-one-year

Found another article that discusses the situation in China. It all feels so very much like Ireland circa 2006. … ty-titans/

If you had swapped the currency to Euro and changed the locations from Chinese to Irish you could very easily be talking about Ireland in 2006. Don’t remember 2006? Take a look at this Irish Times article from the day, reads eerily similar - … -1.1023380

At this stage, I simply cannot see how China doesn’t have a significant correction and banking crisis. At this point, the situation in China is so fragile, we just need one liquidity event for the whole edifice to come down.


Actually Ireland was also doing most of those things in the boom. Infrastructure spending, for instance, was significant.


Interesting that Taiwan is included


Official Chinese policy is that Taiwan is still part of China and it not recognised as a separate country.


Do they include Taiwan figures when calculating Chinese GDP & avg. salaries ?


I don’t know.


So more than 5 years ago, Bloomberg wrote this - as also quoted in the very first post of this thread.

I am not familiar with the Chinese market, and as I don’t want to read all the thread again, does someone know if the prediction of this hedge fund manager in fact materialize?


China literally on the way to hell – Beijing has sunk 11cm due to groundwater extraction, according to satellite study. … tudy-warns


Was it Michael Burry of Scion?


Sounds like something Jim Rogers might say


well now, the broadband plan is going to be funded by taxpayers for the benefit of the world class brains in the Irish telecommunications industry, who have been too busy telling us over the years that it took 2 years to get a connection when the Dept of Post and telegraphs were in charge, that they hadn’t any time left to figure out how to roll out rural broadband (or any broadband).


Not much room there for anything other than a normal sized car to pass under. Ability to take tight corners also looked limited