China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.


They’ll have to be very strict about the height of other road users on those routes, as it is I expect that they’ll only use those buses on specially built roads (no bends).

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Chinese state media says that the ‘straddling bus’ is nothing more than a big scam


It is a good way of providing a mas transit system without having to displace other road users or construct extremely expensive tunnels or elevated rail tines.



China and the Chinese boom is so big it’s really hard to get your head around the situation there.
You’ve got places like Shenzhen which are tech boomtowns that only Silicon Valley can rival. You’ve got shanghai which is obviously becoming an inflated property market and yet the economic opportunities are still there.
You 've got a scale in terms of land area and population that dwarfs Japan.
China government is still pumping money into areas like medical research and nanotechnology and military technology. They can still attract more investment as they force foreign companies to do that so they can access local tenders.

Its stock market is not entirely overvalued either given the potential and current market in many areas.

No doubt they are due for a pullback in some sectors/ certainly many of the cities I visit seem already well built out.


You reckon the risks are exaggerated? Simply interested for how it could affect the Australian economy


I reckon they do have a mighty priperty bubble but when and how it will recede across the vast country is something very hard to predict.
China has a massive middle class now , great infrastructure and a literate and well educated population on the eastern seaboard at least. It’s no paper tiger.

The CCP isn’t really showing much weakness at present so I don’t see the political situation changing too much either.

I reckon it could go on for a few more years easily given the scale of the country and the relatively closed economic system they operate i.e. Almost all debt is local.

I must say I don’t believe in much more immigration to the cities, that’s largely played out…but what you will get (similar situation worldwide) are the titan cities getting stronger still attracting the most ambitious and educated like SHENZHEN, Guangzhou, hangzhou, BEIJING etc cos that’s where the opportunities are concentrated. All those cities have populations over 10 million and some over 20 million in metro area.

There will be rustbelt zones at the same time too just like the US.

The global asset price boom is related to technology trends and global used trade and ease of transport…what will put a fork in that…I can’t see it.

But yes the China property boom will have limits like all booms due to population growth and affordability issues and supply and demand. At the same time sectors of the economy and population will continue to prosper and they will continue to invest overseas too.


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Who is lending to China?




Approx 1.8% rental yield which is extremely low in China

I can only assume these construction companies are state owned and the government passes on subsidised rent to maintain a competitive econony.
If it goes wrong, no real loss





This video reminded me of Citywest, but about 100x the scale, which does seems appropriate given the demographics.


Hell is Aleppo, not Sandyford.

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