China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.


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Conversions of yuan are already subject to a quota or currency controls in an effort to curb capital outflows so the canny Chinese are using Bitcoin to circumvent this using it an the escape method for capital fleeing China. The Chinese authorities are also wary of getting into a trade war with the US and want to avoid being accused of deliberately devaluingtheir currency.


Heavy smog delays the delivery of more smog making ingredients in China. … rs/8182932

China is looking more and more like a country at a crucial crossroads. They’ve hit their recent,fairly arbitary growth targets but only thanks to yet another heavy dose of debt based government stimulus. They’re rapidly running out of track. Vital reforms have been postponed, corporate and local government debt has spiralled and crippling pollution has soared all in the name of hitting those gdp targets. The blind pursuit of growth at any cost is looking increasingly foolish.



Maybe the Chinese will start to “poach” the migrants from Europe!
Crazier things have happened before.


This is a very interesting Youtube channel giving some interesting insights into China.

Adventure Talk Show on Two Wheels - Touring around China


The average Chinese man in the street nor the ruling elite ain’t that dumb


You know there are some illegal Irish migrants in China. Having said that most of the migration in China is internal and monitored, rural Chinese citizens must officially have residence permits to live in cities, even if it is their home province, most don’t which is one reason you tend to see them returning to their home province after many years.

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March 4, 2015 … on-reality

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Anyone here getting dejavu ?
All very reminiscent as to how the Japanese were taking over America in the 1980’s.


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HOng Kong is unusual as it’s a city state, they have no hinterland for old folks to move back to or out to.

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BBC podcast on capital flight from China


Of the many, many examples of mal-investment in China lately this is my current favourite. A $1b movie theme park that closed for ‘renovations’ within two years of opening after hugely undershooting visitor forecasts. … story.html

At some point the consequences of the hugely expensive, chronically loss-making ventures that China has been splurging on for years will catch up with them. They can probably keep the charade going for a while yet though.


Every country in Asia has abandoned amusement parks.
It’s a thing here…don’t know why…probably hard to make money from 'em.



How is there a bubble with the massive amount of oversupply?


Because China is still booming, relatively, and buying a house is a prequisite to getting married and sending your kids to the local school usually. Buying a house in the right city and right area is where the price inflation comes from.

But China is a BIG country…it really depends which city we are taking about.
One things for certain,there is no lack of houses there.


Several Chinese colleagues have told me that its relatively common for new build high rise flats to be purchased but then kept in ‘shell’ form i.e. bare concrete, no fit out. Makes them easier to sell on in future apparently. No one lives in them of course, they’re bought for anticipated capital gains not rental yield. So its all incredibly speculative.

No idea of the extent of it but if common would help to explain simultaneous sky-high supply and price rises in the major cities.


And if you believe that, I’ve got a Bridge to sell you…


I don’t know about China, but it isn’t unheard of in London for buyers to buy a shell and leave it as such, the property is still a property when they come to sell it on.
A bit like playing monopoly.