China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.

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Interesting to see money or fear talks in Australia: … 4z1s5.html

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Never thought about that, but it’s an excellent point.
Xi has gone down the Castro route.
Maduro is also trundling down this path (Most popular opposition, Henrique Capriles is barred from office while Leopoldo Lopez is under house arrest).

I’m stunned at the Chinese for deciding on this measure.
Although I’m wondering if they expect some major (internal) conflict as the economy cools and the citizens become restive and see a strong hand as the best counter ?


Niall Ferguson explained it as a deep historically based fear of Dòngdàng or turmoil.

He has posted the series on his youtube page.


The same Niall Ferguson who went from calling brexit “a stairwell to hell” to supporting it after the vote.

I reckon he’ll do another switcheroo soon.


Didn’t know Ferguson was persona non grata.

People are entitled to change their minds no?


Of course people can choose to make the most of a new situation but he decided to cash in on EU = Germany narrative and went full Brextard. It makes sense if your target audience is the anglosphere. Got to keep the punters happy.

I’m certain that if Brexit collapsed in the morning he’d be just as quick to cheerlead it as a marvelous opportunity to retake the reigns of Europe blah blah blah…

I enjoyed his Ascent of Money but his other works do reek somewhat of varnished teak, brandy and cigars.


That 3 part series he made for Channel 4 was titled “China: Triumph And Turmoil”

What did you think about his China series and do you think it relevant to recent events in China.

(TBH this thread is about China and not Mr Ferguson’s public persona, although as an aside I can see why it upsets some people. I would suggest that it’s possibly a posture, that is not entirely unintentional. Better to have people talking about you (especially when your selling books) than not…)

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The Afghans might beg to differ.


I think it’s more as the population ages and there’s a surplus of men. You might see some ludicrous manpower projects as they try and keep the spare men out of trouble.


I don’t know much about the Maoist branch of Marxist-Leninism. Do they Prozletise for International Socialism abroad? Did they ever? How is Communism expressed within China? How far are they from the Communist Utopia of no longer needing a Government?


What’s it all about then?


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Building empires, one port at a time, own the port own the import/export trade route, you don’t need to rule the country to control it.
A repeat of how the British empire gained control the area 200 years ago.

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Chinese government plans to ensure that Chinese products are the best in the world and are prepared to invest big so that they are.


Shocking stuff-these are 3 year old million dollar gaffs that appear to be made of fibreglass and particle board tied together with wire.


No sureif this has been picked up elsewhere, but the Chinese property pumpers might be coming to ireland.
Probably deserves a thread of its own given the property implications seen in Vancouver OZ etc … lainternal