China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.


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China’s Looming Crisis: A Shrinking Population

Forget the Trade War. China Is Already in Crisis


Gonna be harder to persuade them to have babies than it was to force them not to have babies.


They have the same issues as most of the western world. The rent is too damn high.
People can’t afford to move out, rent or buy. Can’t afford more kids. etc.


Or more specifically, the debt repayments are too damn high.


They brought in the one baby policy. They must’ve known this would be the outcome. They brought it in as their population was growing too fast so they must have a figure in their head about how big they want their population to be. All developed nations are facing the same plight. The only question is what will the populations plateau at after the fall.


It’s an easy problem to solve. Inward migration from the parts of the world with more youth.


The Chinese like the Japanese don’t like or trust foreigners though.


It’s an easy problem to solve. Inward migration from the parts of the world with more youth.




Why wrong? Do you have a better solution?


Shrinking populations are only a problem under present day Capitalism where you need continual inflation and expansion to continue. If you lived under a system that didn’t need that continued expansion then a decreasing population is no longer a problem. The main problem is in the next couple of decades where older people outnumber younger ones and therefore eat up more resources. Once that hump dies off in the next the 30- 40 years (which includes most of us on this forum) then the problem will resolve itself.


Even under capitalism, Moores law-type technological progress obviates the need for continual population expansion.


Exactly right. And because the one-child policy produced an imbalance of males to females (surprise surprise), any male who can afford it is buying an overpriced shitbox apartment to make himself more marriageable.

I don’t think it’s that simple. The desire to have babies is strongly affected by culture. Two generations have grown up in one-child families. The new generations are more affluent than their parents, many enormously more so. Women are more choosy and men have to devote all their resources to finding a mate. It’s extremely unlikely the people who invented the one-child policy for a rural population foresaw anything like the modern China.

Yeah, because people just love to immigrate to a xenophobic country with an authoritarian regime, a serious demographic problem, and now a wobbly economy. Proportionally speaking, China has 200 times fewer immigrants than Ireland. And that’s after a 35 fold increase since immigration laws were liberalised in 1985. They were made more restrictive again in 2012:


Friends Don’t Let Friends Become Chinese Billionaires … lionaires/


China has almost no immigrants because it’s for all intents and purposes almost impossible to immigrate to China.

I am one of very few foreigners in history who has held a ‘Chinese’ passport and therefore Chinese. I’m not Chinese now though . Long story :slight_smile:.

Some good comments above, modern China wasn’t predicted when the 1 child policy was introduced. The 1 child policy was very successful in helping China catch up with the needs of its population though.
Women now have so many more options. The trend of marrying later also affects the fertility rate greatly.

Look at the Philippines at the opposite end, they simply cannot keep with the population growth. Economic growth is not translating across to much of the population with vast numbers forced to emigrate.

Falling birth rates is common across much of Asia, Vietnam and Thailand included. Generally its a very good thing


China creates app to tell you if you are near someone in debt and encourages you to report them



Just goes to show how much the Chinese phone system is tracking movements and how such tracking can be abused. All mobile phones are personnel tracking systems anyway, they need to be to function correctly.


The same applies to China and Europe


for Europe it is too late!


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