China on ‘Treadmill to Hell’ Amid Bubble.


Dream empire - China’s real estate bubble | DW Documentary


Thanks snaps, that’s heartbreaking in so many ways. A sibling of mine toured the Three Gorges by boat in the early noughties before they were flooded. The way of life was literally from another century. Back then they were relocating people for the dam project which was sad and depressing to see, but at least it was for productive infrastructure. To see people forcibly relocated to make way for the economic mirage of a ghost city is tragic! God help us all when it crashes.


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The forex live says the 21% drop is the biggest in 3 years and may partially be explained by the Lunar New Year. I can’t read the FT article as it’s behind a paywall.


China fires biggest warning shot yet in trade war and now it’s up to Trump to decide how far to go

China has added its currency to the weapons it is willing to use in the trade war with the U.S., and it is now up to President Donald Trump to determine how much further the situation can escalate.

China on Monday allowed its currency to slide below what has been a psychological red line—the key 7 yuan to the dollar level — for the first time since 2008. China also halted new purchases of U.S. agricultural products, according to state run media.

The Chinese picked two sore spots for Trump, who has protested the strong dollar and railed against other countries he says are weakening their own currencies for trade advantage. He has also attempted to boost Chinese purchases of agriculture products to limit the impact on farmers, who have also received some federal funding to offset the string from the lost sales.

US stocks close down 3% on the day


Interesting perspective on recent societal changes in China. Possibly more important than the economic ones.


China’s debt hits 317% of GDP. The property bubble has resumed as buyers snap up post-Covid “bargains”. Housing loans rose by US $140 billion in June alone, the biggest jump ever.