Chinese Drywall in Florida

I know the article is months old but this is starting to get alot of attention over here.

I’m pretty sure no Chinese plasterboard was imported here. Because of the weight it was not economic to ship it here.

Feds: Homes with Chinese drywall must be gutted → … set=&ccode

There’s and opportunity for Irish Gypsum ( owned by St. Gobain), lads up in Kingscourt, making slabs for the foreign market.

worse news for you all

there are tonnes of chinese plywood in this country


its a joke, they re-stamp it in Canada

and its imported as Canadian

Its reared its head and will be a future problem here

The NSAI are back peddling as I type

At 2.15am on Easter Sunday…

And we are meant to follow you tomorrow…

Uh oh. Any reason to think this wasn’t used in Ireland too?

*NEW ORLEANS – Thousands of U.S. homes tainted by Chinese drywall should be gutted, according to new guidelines released Friday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

About 3,000 homeowners, mostly in Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, have reported problems with the Chinese-made drywall, which was imported in large quantities during the housing boom and after a string of Gulf Coast hurricanes.
The drywall has been linked to corrosion of wiring, air conditioning units, computers, doorknobs and jewelry, along with possible health effects. Tenenbaum said some samples of the Chinese-made product emit 100 times as much hydrogen sulfide as drywall made elsewhere.

“The way I see it, homeowners didn’t cause this. The manufacturers in China did,” Nelson said. “That’s why we’ve got to go after the Chinese government now.”
Southern members of Congress have sought to make it easier to sue Chinese manufacturers and to get the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help homeowners pay for costs not covered by insurance. They also say the U.S. needs to pressure the Chinese government, which allegedly ran some of the companies that made defective drywall.*

At a time when China poses an economic threat to the US, isn’t the above sort of article timely?

@ cavok
What’s wrong with the plywood???
Apart from it not being from Canada I mean.

Here’s a linky in regard to Plywood (NOT the same as Drywall (which is a more or less concrete board type of product)) which has arrived to the Irish Market and not been up to performance requirements from the NSAI.

This news was released either at the end of last year or early this year. Some of these boards have been used on sites that I’ve been made aware of with the result that the different layers (timber veneers that are on the interior) of the boards were delaminating causing failure of the function of the board. … ywood.aspx

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Mainstream media in the US are now labelling it Toxic Drywall rather than Chinese Drywall in recognition of the fact that many of the defective drywalls were manufactured in many different countries including the US. … 2469.shtml

They stand behind their drywall! :confused: :smiley:

Kkkzzzzttt - Safe as - Kkkzzzzttt - houses, mate! - Kkkzzzzttt Safe - Kkkzzzzttt - As - Kkkzzzzttt - Houses!

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