Choosing a solicitor

After many years of reading the pin and holding off i have finally taken the plunge and am at the sale agreed stage. BD I now must find a solicitor and was wondering how to go about choosing one or if all provide very similar levels of service. The EA recomends the following two but i just wanted to see if anyone can recommend any others or think these are okay?

Please PM me if you prefer

I have used this solicitor a number of times - 3 purchases, 2 almost purchases and 2 sales.

He is fantastic - competitively priced, no bullshit, no delays - will aim to close as quickly as you want him to. I have also dealt with the other solicitors in the firm and they all have the same attitude. Personally I would steer away from the large firms - I know a number of people who have been caught up for months with solicitors from these firms. They all said they got the impression that they were too busy to take their conveyance seriously.

I agree with the staying away from the large firms comment, unless you happen to have a personal relationship with someone in one of them

From personal, and work related, experience, I would also tend to stay away from who estate agents recommend - have been a party to many horror shows

Go with someone who someone you know well has used - does not necessarily have to have been for a house purchase

Either that or come on here and ask for a good tip :wink:

That is my advice anyway

(ps, have heard good things about J Gaynor also)

EA recommended - then that’s all you need.

Sorry meant to add, good luck with your new gaff!

Thanks a lot for the advice and good wishes. I have a feeling the hard work is only beginning :slight_smile:

J Gaynor is quite close to where i’m renting and working so i think i’ll go with them based on your recommendations and for ease of access.

Also,the EA recommended these valuers and surveyors. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any others or think these are okay?

Gary Flood, Capital Property Group: 0862240381

Paul Keatley Architect/surveyor, Sutton: 018325603 , 0872303680
Michael OMalley, surveyor, Baldoyle : 0872211648


Personal recommendation always helps with a solicitor. If you can’t get one try to talk to them before agreeing things, see how up front they are about the costs. Some like to quote X, then give you and invoice for X plus conveyancing, land searches etc without warning you in advance. It is generally better when they do invoice the two separately but they should warn you up front.
Might also be a good idea to ask about the costs in the case of hickups. I’ve heard some horror stories of banks losing deeds, or delaying paperwork after the sale for months on end, so useful to know up front where you stand.

On the large firm vs small firm, the smaller firm will value you more since you are a much larger share of their business. It is very likely you’ll deal with the same person throughout instead of whichever receptionist answers the phone when you call, and unless you are very lucky, you will end up calling more than once.

Regarding the EA recommendations, I’m of two minds. Most solicitors doing property will have dealt with nearly all the EAs in their area in some shape or form. They usually end up at same conferences as well. Given that you have gone sale agreed, there is little they could do to conspire against you. Only issue that could come up is if you haven’t gotten the survey done and issues arise, or if there is a problem with the property. Remember a good solicitor will save you a whole lot more money than you paid them in the case of a problem. It is their job to find issues with the deeds, land folio etc which is not to be overlooked. In 99% of the cases things will be fine, but it is those 1% that the difference between a good and cheap one shows.

Used Mike O’Malley on my purchases and the ones I didn’t buy (down to faults he found). Can highly recommend him. Has a very good reputation as one of the better surveyors - not the cheapest surveyor but you get what you pay for - think he’s around 350 plus vat.

It’s funny that Solicitors can not solicit for business. Now think about that for a sec… who does that really benefit?

Keeps down the number of stupid ads out there I suppose.

Accountants are the same. And I assume other professionals like GPs?

I could be wrong here but they can advertise. For example the Golden Pages :slight_smile:

Always check their teeth first.

Many thanks for all the help here. I rang J Gaynor and had a very positive response. The solicitor i spoke to seemed to be very interested in any questions i had and was reasonably priced (said he’d check if it was actually necessary to register the house which could save €400).

Just looking for a valuer now if anyone has any advice. The EA recommended Gary Flood, Capital Property Group. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any others or think these are okay?

Also, the bank mentioned that it is standard for the valuer to come back with a lower value for the house which i found strange. Anyone know why this is, is it just in the current environment or was this always the case?


Anyone use these crowds pls? … or-dublin/

Are there any others you would recommend in Dublin South, preferably D14, D16, D18?


I’ve used Niall Geaney of Geaney Solicitors for a couple of things including the sale of our apartment.

I’ve recommended him to several people since then and had a positive response. He was quite reasonable and we did 90% of it by email, which suited me. I’ll be using him for other personal matters.

Brilliant stuff. Thank you. Will get in touch with them soon.


Could I ask if you were quoted a flat fee or a % of sale price?

Personally (and having worked in conveyancing myself until I ran away screaming) I always found the % approach to be quite crazy. There is a small additional cost related to a higher value property (insurance liability) but nothing significant enough to warrant the huge premium.

Flat fee is standard now I believe.

That’s what I thought but a solicitor recently quoted me a % fee for a conveyance - I knew her well too. Needless to say I didn’t go with it.

I guess she doesn’t like you very much!

A percentage is a flat fee!

That is why percentages are good for consumers in some ways - relative to value, importance and no variation in fees which would affect budget if additional work involved.

With low prices of apartments in particular solicitors will have to charge more than one per cent. People will be getting a “flat fee” though so they will probably be happy even if it works out higher then a percentage!