Chris Bennett's move

Chris Bennett has made an interesting move with Hume Estate Company - one of the key companies within the group. Means assets can be sold for zero to the directors. Can I upload images on this thing? … TE+COMPANY

I have the document, just don’t know if I can upload it as a tiff image.

try photobucket or

Convert it to a PDF file … 00920.html

Sign up with ImageShack - they’ll allow TIFF uploads and convert them to PNGs:

Just upload it to you don’t need to register or anything, just grab the direct link after you upload and post it here.

And stick it in the brackets

Given everything in the 1990 Act about directors doing stuff this would be interesting!

Obe of the best free utilities I have come across is pdfcreator. Opensource software that acts as a printer so you can output to pdf (or a whole myriad of formats) from any program.

Had never heard of that before, great little idea