I’m looking to move to Churchtown and the general area is near the bottle tower pub.

We are a young family and I’m trying to get a sense of what it would be like to live there.

I’ve walked the area a few times trying to see what it would be like and I haven’t seen much happening. While I like that it is quiet and settled I am also wondering what it is like to live there in terms of a sense of community / schools / the craic. I might be living there long term and possibly purchasing a house so would like to know what I’m in for.

I can see there is no central area / focal point so I’m wondering if it is a case that the people in the area don’t know eachother or mix much. I didn’t see people out and about so is it a kind of area where you drive home and close your door and know nobody except possible the next door neighbours?

Any insight in the area would be much appreciated. Thanks.


I always think there is so much of south Dublin that is like that. E.g. Templogue to Rathfarnham, Dundrum on to Stillorgan.

The villages that have kept their focal point are really the most desirable for people seeking that out. E.g. Blackrock, Ranelagh. You’d probably be heading to Ranelagh from Churchtown for ‘craic’, restaurants, pubs etc. or at least a better choice of these things.

I always find Dundrum town centre is just too modern and staged and not the same as a good pub on Baggot st, Ranelagh or Dalkey


Couldn’t agree with you more. I grew up in one of the places you mentioned.

I live in Dun Laoghaire now and it feels like I’ve changed country, let alone an area in a city. In whole swathes of Dublin you live in a box , to drive a box to work in another box. Then drive everywhere else. Drive to take a walk.

Having lived in a number of cities overseas in the time between where I grew up and where I live now, upon reflection that whole living in housing estate suburbia is actually a pretty poor quality of life.


Dundrum / Churchtown ended up with a very different feel in the last 10-15 years. Before that, with the older village etc. there was more of a sense of community I think. It’s changed a lot since, with the bypass, the new shopping centre, apartment blocks etc. Also, I doubt the children that grew up there can afford to buy now… prices have risen a lot.

It’s still a nice, stable area, but just less ‘local’ really…