City parking spaces accelerate to €120,000

The price of parking spaces in a new boutique scheme of apartments puts Dublin on a par with Manhattan, writes Property Editor Orna Mulcahy … 77179.html

Words Fail Me !

This could have been “the event” which signalled the top of the bubble, unfortunately they’re a year too late.

The take 5 section of the irish times res suplement compared a parking spot in dublin to four properties from around the world that were the same price, including a five bed period home in decent nick. it was quite funny.
Ely mews parking spots rent for about 5k a year and they aren’t that good. if the spot is wide and easily accessable I could see somone paying that sort of money for a spot in the city centre.

You might as well book a taxi each day - with a bulk discount, it can’t come to much more than that plus petrol, wear and tear etc.

You have to talk to the driver though… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see many 7 series BMW, Ferarris or Rolls Royces as taxis these days. 120k to keep your baby dry and away from the eyes and hands of the great unwashed isn’t mad.

and as for the 5k per year for ely mews those parking spots are highly sought after.

:open_mouth: The world doesn’t make sense to me anymore :open_mouth:

By your baby I presume your talking about your car and Im going to presume further that you’re being somewhat facetious - otherwise you’ve just convinced me that Ross O’Carroll-Kelly land really is located in some parallel universe

car = baby …yes
me = facetious …noooo

There are parts of Dublin where the value of a house can be effected by as much as €250,000 because of parking issues, Belmont ave is a classic example where last year two houses went up for sale at the same time. one was run down but had the possability of parking the other was a mid trc, slightly smaller and in prefect condition. the first is currently being re built and was sold for €2.35m and the latter I think never made it over €2m, there were two other places for sale on the same road at the same time and agian the parking did effect the value masively

when you are loaded and drive a ferarri or bentley parking is a big issue and people will pay serious money to keep their nice cars away from us.

I had no idea - sounds like there could be a book in you Brian

wait till you hear my thoughts on Lietrim, Wales, Junkies and people who drive with their Fog lights on

Never confuse somebody asking €120,000 for a car parking space with what they actually get for it.

Why do people naturally presume that the developer is going to get what he asks for ?.

To me this is a marketing ploy. I believe you will find that potential buyers will be offered these for free as an incentive, and to make it look like they are getting €120,000 off the final price.

My own belief is, the kind of person who can afford these places is not the kind of person who is so easily fooled. Or then again …

Sounds to me like they are pitched at the “if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it” market which will always behave independently of the wider market.

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back to the topic, i just had a phone call from a guy asking me to look into buying him one of these apartments. so there are some people out there with the money

Look into buying him one? Do you act as an agent for buyers?