City Street Video Postcards of Social breakdown and decay

Its interesting to hear the smart set talking about Russian or Chinese demographics, they only seem to focus on age profile and ignore everything else. the median age in Haiti is 24, in China its 38, therefore Haiti has a better future ahead of it than China . Niger has a media age of 15, bright future ahead for them

re the youtube link, do you really think the equivalent squalor doesn’t exist in Russia where 20% of the population don’t have indoor toilets?

I don’t claim that Russia is perfect, 13% of the population are below the poverty line, which is close to the US number

Its just interesting to me that the people saying China and Russia are finished because of bad demographics, totally ignore whats going on under their own noses. The next time you find yourself in Dublin city centre, take a walk from the Spire down to Connolly station, then have a think about Irish demographics


I don’t think any of the above have favourable demographics, but Russia is the only one of them pushing tens of thousands of it’s men into WWII style trenches, accelerating that decline in the most important age cohort.

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It is an entirely reasonable position to take to oppose outright authoritarian regimes such as china , russia etc while also opposing the western economic system and undemocratic imposition of people from alien cultures who are often hostile to our way of life and in some cases are rapists, criminals and islamic extremists. The western route is looking like a quicker self destruct to me. The tilting demographics is at a quick pace.

This does not make me wish we were like china or Russia. It makes me wish our countries maintained their borders and ran their economies like in the recent past.


That is such a shit area of Philly that even I knew about it. 30 years ago. The reason why its so bad at the moment is this guy (another Soros DA)

As for just how bad it is in Russia and China. Well before Putin shutdown all independent media about ten years ago absolute horror stories about gobnik junkies and winos was pretty much a staple story since the early 1990’s. When the horrors of mass alcoholism and drug use of the (former) USSR was first allowed to be documented. Although I talked to Eastern Europeans in the 1980s who had traveled in the Soviet Union and they were shocked at the amount of public drunkenness in Soviet cities. There were winos everywhere. Very few of them with the flights of pure genius of a Venedikt Yerofeyev. “Moscow to the End of the Line” is well worth a read about there people.

As for China, where does one start. The expat Chinese media had lots of horror stories even before the COVID insanity. You dont have to go too deep into the back alleys of Guangzhou etc to find the level of squalor equal to anything you will find in parts of dysfunctional cities like Philly.

Those street junkies are on the streets because they refuse treatment programmes. And the local DA refuses to enforce the laws that would force them into rehab. Getting them off the streets.

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