Citywest fight club

Looks like people aren’t happy at #Citywest

It’s probbaly a deep fake… :icon_beer:

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More of those women and children demanding to get on the life boats first.

Made to leave the building because of a fire alarm.

How much attention will be paid to fire alarms in premises in the future? Premises which may not originally have been meant for residential purposes, but have been refitted…

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There’s a business opportunity here
Inducting Ireland’s new arrivals into safety procedures that we the native population have followed for decades
Information about evacuating the property, where to assemble, when is the weekly fire alarm test, and how to use the different fire extinguishers
Every cloud has a silver lining, see

They’re ahead of you.
I heard the radio adverts. They want you to work for free

20 February 2023. A new campaign run by Community Sponsorship Ireland (CSI) organisations is calling for volunteers to welcome refugees from Syria and Afghanistan to Ireland.
The campaign includes radio ads voiced by Tara Flynn that will run on national radio stations, asking volunteers if they can be guides to ‘all things Ireland’ by becoming community sponsors


People are used to seeing Arabs from higher educational / social classes here in the past. They can be… traditional enough in their views, some are more egalitarian but practical (view women as near / close to equal in intelligence but still feel they are better placed in educational / caring roles with men doing business / strategy).

Others with less education or from regressive areas… the comment about being surprised a dog was talking… women in Ireland have had some issues (as have men & all Irish with colonialism), but in traditional culture & Brehon law, women had incredible rights and opportunities compared to virtually everywhere else on the planet.

When you’re used to a basic level of respect… people forget how sexist, or caste / class driven (for men & women), things can be elsewhere.