Citywest Riots Stabbing Asylum Refugee Centre Men

Seems to be aggro at Citywest tonight

Sure they’d be better off out on the streets what with all those welcoming crowds what with the long stretch in the evening starting to take hold.

Quick look over at RTE and the “incident” is buried on the front page.

RTE reporting an “incident” and it’s all “minor” stuff, but the best thing it’s only a transit hub, so they’ll be transited to your local community at any hour without any notice ultra double quick asap!!!

Three people have been treated in hospital for “minor injuries” following an incident at the Citywest transit hub this evening.

Gardaí confirmed that they were called to a public order incident at the hub in the Citywest convention centre in Dublin at around 6.30pm.

A spokesperson said that there was a “disturbance involving a group of males”.

“Three people were taken from the scene to hospital for assessment and treatment to minor injuries,” the spokesperson said.

Gardaí remain at the scene and no arrests have been reported at this time.

RTE archived link:

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Public order incident.

Where’s my Shark lads.

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Along as people from opposing religious beliefs or ideology are housed together, these incidents will keep happening.



I thought we were told that we should

I’m old enough to remember when ‘anti-fascism’s’ highest value was supposed to be tolerance and diversity its greatest strength.

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Wow only two genders, so offensive!

Or you could read it as 2.718 genders.

I think that if the number of genders can ever be expressed by a number it should definitely be an irrational number.

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