Civil Servant benchmarking for dummies

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I’ve been reliably informed that benchmarking for Civil Servants was done on a comparative basis with (where possible) similar jobs in the private sector and based on the lower median quartile.

So why the disparity in pay between those jobs and civil sector jobs now? Am I missing some fundamental part of the equation, or was the benchmarking done against the highest paying private sector roles? If so, who were those well paying private sector industries?

NB - this is not a private v civil sector thread!

Report of the Public Service Benchmarking Body
21 December 2007 … /index.pdf [adobe acrobat required]

Thanks GB - will have a read tomorrow. A quick scan saw a fair few 5 - 10% increases :angry:

You are misinformed, and the papers and analysis from Bench Marking 1 (BM1) where either burnt, or classified, but I understand burnt. The reason was that when BM1 was done it was realised that there was no case for any increases, and a strong one for decreases, so they burnt the evidence and gave the increases anyway. This has nothing to do with the public service but a lot to do maintaining the social partnership, which has a lot to do with maintaining the elected government.

See finfacts for lots of low-down on the farce that was benchmarking… … _2001-2006

I heard from someone involved in Mercer that originally the “private sector” was taken from phone surveys of companies in Dublin. The second time round they decided to look at companies across the country, but had very poor response rates from companies outside Dublin (mostly SMEs). This skewed the private sector pay upwards - most particularly the first time round.