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They are fucking lawyers, living in Dublin and working in the center of town. charging outrageous fees on a long term public project … yet can’t buy a fucking bar of chocolate without riding the taxpayer for the bill…

Maybe An Bord Snip could turn their beady eye on this kind of waste of public money… new rules… halve the fees, no transport or living expenses within Ireland, receipt for economy flights and 3 star hotels if the bastards have to travel…

Classless scumbags.

This is totally ridiculous. Why are they earning over 2K a day when there are many legal people unemployed?

Just like NAMA, the Govt. seems totally incapable of getting value for money for anything.

Here little piggies, nice little piggies I have some nice treats for you, little piggies treats…

We need to pay these people more money so they can afford to buy a Toblerone themselves.

Clearly that is not possible on the subsistence wages they’re slaving for.

From sumbody who was (recently) cursed with filling out expense forms, the scandal is how many hours this shit generates for the employee and employer

the toblerone may have cost €1.00 but filling the expense probably cost €100’s


It would pay the government to put a CO in his office to make sure he was working

Is this one of those subtergfues? No its not a chocolate bar… this fits in to DOB jamming exercises no?

Let’s all donate money into a fund to buy Toblerones for these poor lawyers.

The thought of them not even being able to afford a bar of chocolate has me very upset.

I believe the motive for this piece of ‘journalism’ is far more interesting than its content. :nin

How can Bill Gates live with himself giving millions to save people starving when these poor bastards can’t afford an effing bar of chocolate… won’t somebody think of the lawyers!!!

We should start a Toblerone, Rolos and Other Treats fund! Let’s just call it TROT.
They can gobble away at it whenever they want then.

Absolutely Mr. A. The fall out from Moriarty is going to turn into one all mighty bun fight if the w/ends opening salvo from O’Brien are anything to go by.

Devastating findings for O’Brien…

true, the issue is the 10 year long moriarty tribunal and denis o brien doesnt want anyone to believe for a second that lowry helped him in any way to go from bidder number 3 to the eventual winner of the most lucrative contract in the history of the state.

reminds me of

And a completely unrelated letter in todays Irish Times …

Vincent Brown etc

Ireland’s Berlusconi (in a media sense)

I didn’t know toblerone’s had expense accounts. Anyway, I suspect the way to do it is to fill in the expense form using the Irish version of the name, in Irish, with “bearer unable to sign”. T. O’Blerone for example. I have my doubts as to whether this is ethical. Is there no end to this madness in my own mind?

Also summed up nicely here.

buying toberones,
yet another pyramid scheme the legal profession are investing in.

We need to pay another lawyer €4k a day to investigate that first lawyer.