Clampdown on banks ordered by Regulator

I’m imagining the middle-aged-financial-regulator-35-hour-a-week-team rocking up to CitiGroup. Knock, knock, knock. What’s going on in here? Anyone who’s good at banking does not work for the financial regulator I can assure you. If you’re working for the FR you’re either a) a failed banker, b) friendly with the right politician, or c) like spending time with your family and look forward to an easy retirement.

The fact that you are incorrect in the number of hours an employee of the FR works, and where they typically have come from, would suggest to me that the opinion you have just aired does not come from experience.

I have experience of the FR, and they are reasonably good. And certainly not the feckless incompetents you have painted.

Ah, closing the stable door.

Unfortunately not only has the horse bolted, but he’s been gone for so long that he died of old age.