Clancy Quay, Dublin 8

Hi Folks,

Just a quick post on the developement at Clancy Barricks on Conyngham Road. I was just wondering are there are any buyers out there having a small freak attack at the moment? With the recent price drops accross the road at Heuston South Quarter it looks like there might be some pretty large price drops. Has anyone heard anything from the developers or even approached them about renegotiating contracts.


Shano, probably not much help but, AFAIK Elliots may be toast soon.

Watch it with the libel.

I passed the site the other day and noticed a major slow down. Cheers grace5715, food for thought. The wait and see approach might be the best way forward (for now anyway)

Clancy Quay finally has a commerical tenant at the front of the development, a taxi company.

I am curious. Did you buy a place there? Hope you don’t mind me asking. If you did, would you like to give us more details?

My sister signed contracts on a two bed way back in 2007. She is in a bit of a flap as you can imagine so I said I would do some digging for her. She is expecting her first child and is pretty bummed at the fact that the 500k or so contract price would stretch to a nice house in the current climate. Seems the purchasers on this developement are keeping quiet.

One sales pitch is a board outside the complex stating some student college opening in the development, maybe there hoping for some investors to purchase and rent to your common rail students. :wink:

Shit! I’m sorry to hear that. I live close by. Work is still going on there anyway. I reckon if at all possible she should try and get out of this but it is unlikely probably. Huge amount of supply in the area, Heuston South Quarter is empty, and the Chocolate factory up the road too.Get a solicitor to go over the contract and see if there is any way out.

It looks like there’s some life here now.
They’ve moved some of the barriers and a building behind the one with the taxi company is now occupied (looks 70%+).
The other building on the main road looks 30% occupied.
Place is still ghostly.

Apartments for rent (from the developer by the looks of it):
One bed - €1000 a month
Two bed - €1200 a month
Three bed - €1700 a month

There are cheaper apartments to rent than this, I’m seeing one beds at 650/700 on daft and I think I saw a 2 Bed for 800… might not be comparable spec but at least you don’t have to wake up to that “living on the set of 28 days later” to deal with… :angry:

I like this area pity local amenities are a bit of a walk… great walks though around the park and river and super close to town.

some people like not having to make small talk in the lift!

great area in some respects alright

  • the P Park is relatively underutilised compare to big parks in other cities - I know many native Dubs and transplants who never visit; and the War Memorial gardens (practically unknown to many) are beautiful too with a nice river walk*

Here’s a 2-bed in none other than leafy Ranelagh, don’t you know, asking €995:

Ok, it might not be the nicest block ever, but nonetheless you could probably haggle the asking price down to a full 20% below Clancy, there is car parking, it is located nearer to Grafton Street than Clancy, the LUAS is around the corner, as are Rathmines and Ranelagh villages etc. etc.

A bit of insider info. I know a guy working in there at the minute and he reckons they’re renting fairly fast, about fifty gone in the last couple of weeks. Kitted out high spec as well, new flatscreen tellys, leather couches and a rake of kitchen gear. Supposedly Elliots had them finished high enough spec in the first place with wooden floors and posh bathrooms. Jaysus, they should put me on commission…

Hmmm yes they should :neutral_face:

Fair enough, but to pay 1/3 of your net income on a Clancy 1-bed, you need to be earning over €50,000 pa. That’s probably 20% above a median Dublin salary. Maybe that’s as it should be, I dunno, but instinctively that salary just seems too much for this city to bear.

We can’t go on together with suspicious minds OW. Naw, it just sounded to me like a huge turnaround in rental standards since I was a young flat dwelling bachelor. Once had to throw out a brand new pair of shoes after having left them under the bed of my ‘pad’ for a week because they were green with mould. Flatmate got the face pox from his pillow. Seems like landlords actually have to make an effort these days, which aint no bad thing.

Paddy the Plastate Agent.