Clare Plantation Protest Hotel Tractor Blockade Refugee Asylum Seekers


The invasion continues.

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The politicians behave like corporate management.

  • will be engaging
  • “ease” any concerns
  • level of engagement and cooperation
  • “strong” in facilitating
  • dignity and the human being
  • centre in our minds
  • situations like this arise
  • clarifying and dealing with any issues or concerns
  • huge challenges globally
  • conflict, climate change and other issues

Who would actually believe that they have any genuine appreciation for the concerns for the local?


None, it’s ESG for All now.


oh man the country is full of right wingers… getting harder to ignore these BS as more people wake up to it…

Four asylum seekers leave Magowna House Hotel in Inch, Co. Clare on foot as the tractor blockade set up by locals continues. One of the men told RTÉ that they’re heading back to Citywest hotel in Dublin.

The Clare Echo first reported last week that a twelve month contract was to be provided to the owners of Magowna House to take in 69 refugees.

Shortly after 6:30pm on Monday evening, 34 asylum seekers arrived by bus but within minutes, up to 50 locals had blockaded both entrances to the hotel with tractors & cars to stop any more arriving. Two uniformed Gardaí arrived on the scene and stayed overnight.

Initially locals had stopped anything from going through including a pizza delivery driver but have since let food go through on humanitarian grounds.

The council deemed the property unsuitable for use by Ukrainians last year but couldn’t stop the Dept of Equality from housing International protection applicants there.

Fairly to Inch people cause if they give the Gov an Inch they’ll take a mile!

Boom boom!

Same kinda thing going with ngos. Its worth a read. The word ‘populism’ was bandied about for years implying that its a terribly bad thing. Its democracy, fact.

Once you stop representing the people who elected you then you are no longer democratic. 99% of the time you get away with it on matters of insignificance. The party whip system was laid bare with the hate speech laws. Id say some politicians hardly engage on issues. You can see it in attendance. They just vote as per the whip.

This time the situation risks wandering into territory the french generals warned about. The risk of violence is clear. Some people see the stakes are high.

For the comments/replies.

The Global Menace Trans-National Industrial Final Solution Complex… make sense now? :whistle:

At the meeting chaired by Mr McNamara, Mr Dowling made his comments in response to concerns expressed by one woman for teenage girls who engage in training in the area.
She told the meeting: “You will have 69 men standing there. They are young men. We used to have young girls that would run up and down the road.
“This might sound like an obsessive fear but do you think anyone would be comfortable who has a 15- or 16-year-old daughter who would choose that road to train for her team? Now there will be 69 young lads inside. Let’s call a spade a spade in all fairness.”
The woman’s words were applauded by locals present.

She asked the meeting: “Are we just the garbage in the street?… We are being dictated to, we are being told ‘shut up and put up’.”

Another resident told the meeting: “We know of instances in this country where men have been housed together and haven’t had outlets and they have been violent with each other and we don’t want that type of violence in our community.”

Senior council official Jason Murphy told the meeting that prior to coming to Clare, “there is a chance that these people were living in a tent on the street and the first thing they want is a bed and some food and shelter”.

and possibly a shag whatever way…

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For the comments:

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Had been considering buying holiday gaff in West; who’d buy now - no knowing what the fcuk could move in beside you…


Looking at the Irish Times, the regime seems to be in a big panic. They desperately want the Clare protest to stop.

Liberal Ireland has no response to this. I assume they’ll try to update protest laws.

Around 40 locals attended the hastily organised meeting attended by local TDs Cathal Crowe (FF)

Mr Crowe told the meeting that “the ugly Dublin protests have very much coloured how the department see this”.
He said that the general approach by “some civil service guru” is the best thing to do is give no information to the community”.
Mr Dowling told the local residents that the council had no prior knowledge of the IP applicants’ arrival on Monday evening

Minister of State for Community Development and Integration Joe O’Brien said: “I just ask people to step down the blockade, I think it is done on the basis of a misunderstanding of what’s happened.”

Where’s the “misunderstanding”? Their own TD and CEO of Clare County Council outlined that this is a deliberate strategy.


It’s too late. All the horse’s have bolted.

Far Right on Tractors just doesn’t wash does it.

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Oh be careful there luv, hate speech 'n all…


Philip Dwyer live down in Inch