Clare Plantation Protest Hotel Tractor Blockade Refugee Asylum Seekers

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Philip Dwyer live in Inch, Co. Clare.

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Locals still there

Ahhh, the far right farmers , farmer’s wives and the gaa lad’s.

Only missing the babies.


By Liberal ireland you must mean totalitarian ireland surely

Well I mean Satanist Ireland really. That’s all Satanism is; extreme liberalism.


Confirmation of people trafficking by the regime. Probably not the angle they were going for.

Paywalled but…

Minister Roderic O’Gorman has refused to rescind the contract for Magowna House Hotel and also refused to apologise for not consulting locals before dumping asylum seekers in it.

In a video with with the county’s Oireachtas representatives, O’Gorman also stated that he is not negotiating with the property owner about reducing the number of asylum seekers residing there.

He said a return bus service, which is due to operate once a day, is also due to come on stream.

Fianna Fáil TD Cathal Crowe told Clare FM that he isn’t convinced that locals will take much comfort from the answers given today.

The locals have indicated their intention to continue to man the blockade “until December” if it comes to it.

Telegram: Contact @OrlaredChan

Bad move, Rodders.

rodders doesnt understand the rural irish, they wont back down easy. Its great clare is happening, the debate needed might actually happen…


How is this supposed to pacify local people rather than enrage them?

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Ahhh for the days of planning applications wha?


Border control, best in class.

No Inch given. No Inch. This Inch will not turn to a mile.


A Green Party TD has told The Journal that she will be writing to gardaí to query what actions they are taking.
“This has stepped up to a new level and gardaí need to step to a new level,” Neasa Hourigan said.
“If they’ll intimidate vulnerable people in this situation there is no group that is safe from people like this.
“I just think if you have an issue with government policy, you do not go intimidate and harass and bully the most vulnerable people in that situation who have no decision making power. I think it’s shameful.
“It makes me embarrassed that anybody who would do something like that thinks that they that they’re in the right or that they’re they’re representative of Irish communities, because they’re not, they’re bullies.”

Nessa wants her bullies to “step to a new level”


But it’s not government policy; It’s the EU/UN treaty obligations as we’re told by ‘our’ government representatives.

Are we suppose to go to the EU in Brussels or the UN in New York to voice our concerns? Our representative democracy, which was fit for purpose in the past has been hacked by big tech, big finance with their NGO’s and their pressure groups.


Messaging has been clear and beaten into people’s heads for a good while now: International ‘obligations’ trump national interest (or even, international obligation is national interest, everytime.) Unfortunately for us all, when faceless International overlords can’t be identified, yet alone their policy’s resisted, it is their representatives at the national level that face the heat. This civil war is only in its infancy, but uncontrolled immigration is pushing it to the next stage.


Just leaving this here.