Claremont Court, Glasnevin, Dublin 11 - WIW … 11/2780204

4-beds, 3 doubles, 1 single.
Terraced house with garage.
Many in estate have converted the garage.
Nice leafy estate just off N2, directly across from Glasnevin cemetery.
Garden backs onto a creche located in Dublin Industrial Estate.

Seems like a nice area.
Asking of 350K.
Appears to be a lot of house for the price.

That has always been my view of the houses in this estate. However I think the average asking/selling has jumped from sub 300k to c.350k in very recent times.

The houses are a niche taste, stylewise. Gardens tend to be smaller than you would expect and as far as I know there are no massive open greens in the estate itself. I’ve been to houses there and it appears to be perfectly decent without any major problems, and anyone I know who grew up there feels it has matured well as an area (I asked specifically about living there now).

There are a number of cons depending on your sensitivity levels:

  • houses reputed to be cold
  • a high proportion of rentals in the estate
  • very busy section of the road outside, plus local school traffic

On the plus side you can now walk through the cemetery to get to the Botanics, which is nice. Also, near the Diggers.

I’d imagine that would be the main issue for most. The stretch of road leading down to Hart’s corner is busy most times of the, throw in school traffic and funerals and it can be a real pain at times.

What an ugly gaff. What is it worth? About 260/270 on a generous day. But somebody will probably blow 390 on it, as there are little or no consequences.

I know a couple of people who grew up there too, and all those points are borne out in what I’ve seen.
Back gardens are small in general, but you usually have off-street driveway parking too (as well as the garage) which is a positive. However, the price being lower than some others is just a preservation of usual pecking order, rather than an island of houses escaping the current bubble.

The back garden appears very close to the railway line. And I wouldn’t fancy the shared driveway. Good-sized house though.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. Much appreciated.
Very interested in this.
€350K + is more than I’d like to spend but some of the houses for similar price across northside of Dublin are substantially smaller/pokier for more money.

Sure, but I think what’s being noted is that, for some people who look at them, these houses seem to have been wrongly classified in the pecking order at some point in time.

I had someone living in Beaumont ask me about them recently, she had been for a walk through them having never seen them before, looked at the prices online and thought they seemed good value. Her view was that people “didn’t know about them”. I don’t think that’s the case. I’m not sure exactly what the reason is, I think it might be something to do with the very stylised design of the houses and the meh-ness of the location as you head up towards Finglas, also of course the proximity to scary old Finglas itself. People might also look at them on the map and see the industrial estate and think “no thanks”. Or perhaps it is the fact that on the first full moon of every new year, the ravaged corpses of Ireland’s glorious undead rise up from their Fenian graves across the road and lay claim to the first-born child of every inhabitant of the estate, or consumer electrical goods to the same value.