Class Divide through the eyes of the Indo

God the Indo is a fucking rag

They make it sound like they are one and the same, some of the middle classes were actually reasonably sensible and prudent during than fake boom

Is it also to be implied that The Indo feels that one cannot be ‘middle class’ and a ‘renter’ at the same time?

Homer Simpson voice Disingenuous mountebanks with their subliminal chicanery! A pox on them!

I cannot understand how the Indo/Sindo are the biggest in the land, I noticed when I was a spotty teenager that it was joke of a paper, a tabloid masquerading as a broadsheet. Irish people seem very stuck in their habits though, same newspaper, same drink, same takeaway etc.

… same politicians… XX

Thats people in general in most places along with the overwhelming desire to be viewed as ‘middle class’.

Humans are for the most part pack animals and need the reassurance of the group. As most, if not all, of our realities and concepts of ourselves as individuals are defined through our interaction with the world around us, including media, the content on offer in the pages of the Sindo obviously provides many with a degree of reassurance and validity with regard to the life they have chosen for themselves. I see it as a comfort blanket for many, basically no more than a form of lifestyle propaganda or advertising for a certain mindset. Im always struck by the very frequent, almost Freudian, use of the term “we” by all the columnists, almost as if by editorial decree. The politicos have engaged similar tactics over the past while through phrases such as “we all benefitted …” etc. One wonders whether Sir Anto and others sat them down at some stage for a tutorial session.

IMO the media generally is the most pernicious of all the control structures as it tends to be quite subtle and is in the business of creating wants as opposed to dictats…

I hate the sindo and most of the fools who write for it, but it really is the perfect paper for Ireland

“Look at those lower class renters, in their dingy bedsits, playing scrabble because they have no credit to buy coke and hookers with, and complaining about the price of tea bags instead of celebrating the increase in the value of their properties.”

There are some exceptions. John Drennan, Gene Kerrigan, Declan Lynch and Ruth Dudley Edwards are all fine journalists.

pretty much the people i like to read as well …

'Pinsters in “like-minded people club together” shock :smiley:

I dunno, cats in a basket might agree that it would be preferable to be out of the basket, but they all have differing views on how to achieve that aim.

Was on a flight this evening and out of complete boredom and being starved of current affairs I gave into the dark side and parted with my two fifty. I read some of the articles whilst herself looked at me wondering why I was alternating between laughter and “wtf”. I skipped Brendan and Harris, I could only take so much, but after reading Jody Corcoran I reckon there must be some broke back mountain weekend between him and Cowan that I don´t want to know about.
The section on renters was class. My cost of living as a renter is down, why? the price of jam has fallen.

Great - I can put scrabble back on my weekly shop.

Bad news folks, I think the reason scrabble is down in price is cause they’ve changed the rules & the shops are getting rid of sets with the old rules. :nin

It’s only renters who eat jam. Proper middle class people eat marmalade.

That is one of the most disgusting pieces of journalism I have ever read. Their intention was quite deliberate and no doubt there are fools out there that will be influenced by it.

“if you rent you are a loser who consumes jam, chicken, bacon, tea and coffee in your bedsit and your holidays involve playing board games in your tent”

“if you own your own property you are middle class and you dont waste your money on stuff like food but instead get collagen put in your lips or new teeth, a sunbed tan and you fill up the black range rover with petrol to drive the kids to their private school, when you are not on an exotic package holiday”

Nicely paraphrased. May as well be quote.

I reckon this piece was a snide f**k you to people on the pin and other places who have reccomended renting instead of buying.