Clondalkin Office Block 187 All Male Refugee Plantation Hub

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Not Time for Change after all :icon_redface:

From the East Wall thread:

Roderic O’Gorman:

“The SDCC Fire Officer is not satisfied with the fire cert arrangements. Officials in my Department feel that we have done all we can to meet the requirements, but ultimately we have to obey the Fire Officer’s call.”

East Wall is heading for the same fate given what I’ve seen of the interior. Each sleeping unit must be completely compartmentalised with fire retardant materials to stop a blaze spreading but in there the partitions don’t even reach the ceiling.

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Good points!

I think usually modern standards would require a fire detector in each compartmentalized space too and every x every y cubic area, those familiar with regs might inform, i.e. it sounds like it would require a complete rewiring of the

How are insurance policies working out in this effect too. Must be some magic sauce being spread thin.

Man allegedly beaten with a hammer in broad daylight

More attempts by the regime to top up plantation numbers by hiding them during night time.