Clongriffin, Dublin: 'The town that almost was'

A grim postcard from ‘poor Clongriffin’

Mostly a story of boom/bust with a bit of casual racism.

Bit of a sad story really. Not quite as bad they describe but Priory Hall, Clongriffin and (to a lesser extent) Belmayne make for a heavy concentration of back-to-back failed Celtic tiger projects. These developments were meant to inject some new investment and amenities for the surrounding areas of Donaghmede, Clare Hall, Darndale, Baldoyle. In 20 years that whole belt could look fairly grim.

Was hoping the article had a pic of the above…anyone here have it?

As a matter of interest, how is pointing out the fact that many of the inhabitants of Clongriffin are Eastern European, “casual racism”?

Seemed an unnecessary thing to specify. It read as though the promises of middle-class merlot parties had not materialise (probably true). And instead there are ‘Eastern Europeans pushing prams going somewhere or other’.

Maybe I’m being over-sensitive. Imagine it said ‘Outside, people, many of them African, push prams, going somewhere or other.’ So what?
Why is he telling us that detail?

This is a brochure for Station Point
Can’t tell if it’s Merlot or Blue Nun
*Station Point is a marketing name and may not be used for the purpose of a postal address

That’s the merlot :laughing:

Well covered here before.

Far more interesting, one of the articles linked at the bottom: … 26589.html

How’s that for going off topic 8DD

I’m still. on the page with the young wan in the nightie!

Very strange cover pic for a property brochure…but now that I think on it perhaps not that strange for an *Irish *property brochure.

True, true. Seems a bit random that it would make it into the English media apropos of nothing. Is there any angle here - anything try to sell/buy this - or is it just a journalist on his way to/from something more interesting taking a detour from the Airport Hilton?

This article is just complete rubbish, it doesn’t reflect the area at all – I have been to clongriffin many times and it seems nice enough. True it will be better once more shops open up but the station is busy, Trinity sports centre has good facilities and the park is actually very nice and safe. It is full of families and young people walking and playing.
It is not the best area but this article just seems to be completely made up.