Clonliffe Road, Drumcondra

Input appreciated on Clonliffe Rd in general, in particular which of the below represents best “value”.

This one has been on the market for a while. Any pinsters care to guesstimate how much it would cost to “fix” this?

A few doors down, no. 214 is asking 375k - and needs a lot of work:

On the opposite side of the road, no. 237 has a south facing garden and is smaller asking 290k: … -9/2166178

Any input on the general area also appreciated. Thanks.

plenty of info here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=51184

202 has only been on the market a few weeks, I think you have it mixed up with something else or else the comment is aimed at the wrong houses. That house is fucked. It’s falling apart. Derelict. I have no idea how much money it would take to fix. Its front garden is also an illegal dumping ground and has been for a number of years. That stretch of houses is a weird one, they are among the older houses on the road and have interesting histories no doubt, but now they seem to be occupied by an odd bunch of characters who I wouldn’t be keen on living beside. That’s my gut impression. Maybe they are lovely.

237 is chopped into bedsits. How much would it cost to take out 7 bathrooms and return 8 bedrooms into 3/4? This stretch of houses is nicer, they are handsome houses. Look at the stretch of the same side right up near the Drumcondra end and you have an idea of what you could end up with. Some lovely examples there. From memory, the last time I passed this house I think the windows were blacked out with something. I would want to look into that.

214 i really don’t know what to make of. It appears to be have been last used as an office. Or at least part of it has.

241 which you have not linked to looks a better bet to me. Not that I think it’s value at asking mind you.

Thanks Bugler - appreciate the input. No. 241 has gone sale agreed, or so EA told me today.

237 a receiver sale. It is chock a block with bedrooms - very depressing. Needs alot of work. There is no garden- it is filled with a very substantial “mews” that has a couple of bedrooms in it. Is a bid on it near enough asking according to EA (am I allowed say that? Sorry if not) so it appears no point in lowballing .

241 is the best bet IMHO. Has original features and appears to have an actual garden. But it’s been on at 350 for about a year If I recall correctly.