Clonskeagh: 51 The Palms, Roebuck Road: - €75k

New price: 1.4m

Old Price: 1.475m

(about 3/4’s the way down this page) … cd=2&gl=ie

Unfortunately for the vendor No 43 is 50k cheaper as well. Nothing like a bit of competition eh!

EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

Still for sale since Sept 2006, now €1.3m (-175k)

Thst’s still an awful lot of money for a bungalow…and I don’t care what area it is in in Dublin.

Now 1.15m (-250k). Been on the market 18 months.

[Edit: Withdrawn from sale in Feb 08]

…and still no palms either that I could see

No. 43 is still for sale and still 50k cheaper.