Clontarf Road seafront

So apparantly this area comes with a decent flood risk.
Couple of questions for those in the know!
is it easy to get flood insurance here?
are there any good flood preventative measures one can take?
what parts of the road are worst affected- near vernon ave?

few houses coming on sale here so wanted to study up!

There are plans for defences against coastal flooding, basically amounting to building a mound along the seafront park areas.

The locals would rather take their chances, than ruin their downstairs sea-view, and don’t want the defences.

That is incorrect and misrepresents the position of ‘the locals’ as represented by both the Clontarf Residents Association and the Clontarf Business Association…

OP, it is an issue from the Bull Wall back towards the beginning of the Alfie Byrne Rd (encompassing the Vernon Ave vicinity you referenced). Here is a decent and recent starting point for finding out more regarding the history of the matter and the ongoing efforts (or lack of) to find a resolution.

Not sure what the situation is regarding the availability of flood insurance for the affected area.